# A collection of Celestia-related articles [//]: # (As this list grows it will get separated into more specific sections) This is a list of all the pieces I've written about Celestia and its related topics. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see explored, reach out to me on [twitter](https://twitter.com/likebeckett). 1. [The different types of rollups that are possible with Celestia](https://www.reddit.com/r/CelestiaNetwork/comments/tyman7/different_types_of_rollups_that_are_possible_with) 2. [Secure light nodes and the scalability trilemma](https://www.alexbeckett.xyz/secure-light-nodes-and-the-scalability-trilemma/) 3. [settlement layers in the modular stack](https://forum.celestia.org/t/settlement-layers-in-the-modular-stack/205) 4. [A brief data availability and retrievability FAQ](https://hackmd.io/@alexbeckett/a-brief-data-availability-and-retrievability-faq) 5. [The state growth problem in a modular blockchain ecosystem](https://forum.celestia.org/t/the-state-growth-problem-in-a-modular-blockchain-ecosystem/325) 6. [A glimpse at the multi chain future](https://www.alexbeckett.xyz/a-glimpse-at-the-multi-chain-future/) [//]: # (How modular blockchains sovle the state growth problem - something like that)