# Akri Roadmap OFFICIAL ROADMAP LIVES HERE: https://docs.akri.sh/community/roadmap Here is a list of our backlog / features we want to implement in the future. ## Additional Protocol Support - MQTT - RTSP - Zeroconf/mDNS - Bluetooth - CoAP - Simple scan for IP/MAC addresses - LoRaWAN - acpid - Looking for community feedback for more! ## Feature Backlog - Enable Akri’s discovery handlers to authenticate with devices before marking them as discovered - Enable providing Akri brokers (customer workloads deployed by Akri) appropriate credentials for authenticating with devices - Investigate and conduct a size reduction of Akri containers - Performance testing and stress testing to know Akri’s limits and have a benchmark for a v1 - Update threat model (separated by core components and discovery handlers) - Configuration-level support - Prune Akri's dependencies - Enable a scenario with 1 network based discovery handler across the cluster rather than one per node - Job style discovery handlers that discover devices and then terminate - Make device offline grace period configurable - Decouple broker definition and reate a new Akri broker CRD - Akri can orchestrate chaining of brokers - Implement RBAC handling for requests incoming to the broker - Investigate support for Dynamic Resource Allocation model - Investigate multi-NIC support