Users can only log into QuickBooks while providing account credentials such as username and password. But what happens when the user forgets the password for some reason, such as changing the password for security? To recover that problem, one will need to reset the new password. For different QuickBooks versions, you need to take additional actions. The blog provides ways through which you can reset passwords for a user as well as for the admin. You need to remember some things, which the blog helps you with below. If you need to have guided direction by an expert, you are just a call away from that service. You can call [+18557380359](tel:+1.855.738.0359) and ask a QB professional your questions for perfect answers. ## Things to Keep In Mind Before Setting A New Password Before you straight away go and change the password, there are a few points that you need to ensure, such as: * Don't press the space key in the password since a space gap is not allowed. * Create a strong password with a combination of a minimum of 7 characters, including letters, numbers, and special characters, and at least one uppercase. * Make sure all of the keys on the keyboard are functioning correctly. * Check the caps lock and num lock keys since the password is sensitive to cases. * Keep the 15-digit QuickBooks license number out. * Provide login details handy for the QuickBooks admin account. ## How Can You Reset Your Quickbooks Password? First, you must back up your company file data to secure them. **For Resetting A User's Password** You can reset the user password by following these instructions if you know the admin password and input your username when you sign in. * Launch QuickBooks. * As the admin user, log in. * Choose Set Up Users and Password under Company. * Click on Set Up Users. * Next, type the admin password once more. * Choose the user who needs to update their password from the User List. Next, choose Edit User. * Make a fresh password entry. * After selecting Next twice, choose Finish. **The following blogs can help you: [Fix Missing QuickBooks Desktop Component Required to Create PDF Issue**]( **For Resetting The Admin Password** If your username is admin and you don’t need to get in, use these instructions to reset the admin password. **For QuickBooks 2020 and later versions:** 1. Open your company file in QuickBooks. 1. Choose I forgot my password on the sign-in page. 1. After choosing an email, click Next. You can reset your password by emailing yourself a token. **Note: choose if you cannot see your email address- ‘Don’t see your email in the list above?’ Adhere to the prompts displayed on the screen.** 4. Put in the email’s token here. 5. Our emails may appear in your spam bins. Suppose your code isn’t in your inbox; check your spam and trash bin folders. **Read More: [Fix QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working Error? [Solved]](** In this blog, we discussed ways [QuickBooks reset password token number]( There was a thorough discussion on resetting passwords and what to ensure before the process. If you face any trouble while following the steps in the blog, you can always take the help of an expert by calling [+18557380359](tel:+1.855.738.0359)