# How to: flash Ninebot ES dash #### You will need: - ST-Link V2 (any one out there will work fine, even the cheaper ones). - ST-Link V2 drivers ([link](https://mega.nz/#!vy4UHCCR!tr5ek3xos5mv1Zofam-1H74x9owBvef0tZ_JTdLLRns)) - Some soldering skills - Any kind of dash from an Ninebot ES scooter - OpenOCD ([download](http://www.freddiechopin.info/en/download/category/4-openocd?download=154%3Aopenocd-0.10.0)) - For Mac: use homebrew and install openocd with the command: `brew install openocd` - Enable telnet ([guide](https://www.rootusers.com/how-to-enable-the-telnet-client-in-windows-10/)) - Dash firmware (find it yourself, atm) - Take note of the dashs Bluetooth name before doing this procedure, if it has Bluetooth enabled. ### First step: #### Solder the board: - First solder your cables just like this picture. ![](https://i.imgur.com/mpMyy04.jpg) - Remember to remove the C15 capacitor. - Connect the cables to your ST-Link, **important**, you need to connect the cables like SWD to SWD and so on, otherwise it will not work. And the VCC connector is going to the 3.3V connector on the ST-Link. - Plug the ST-Link into the computer, an USB extender is recommended! On to next step! ### Second step: #### Connect dash to OpenOCD - First control that the USB is plugged in, then go into the OpenOCD folder with your terminal, and write this command `.\bin-x64\openocd.exe -f .\scripts\interface\stlink-v2.cfg -f .\scripts\target\nrf51.cfg`. - For Mac, use this command: `openocd -f ./scripts/interface/stlink-v2.cfg -f ./scripts/target/nrf51.cfg` - Then you need to open telnet using this command in another terminal: `telnet 4444`. - Now it's time for the flashing part, copy the firmware file to openocd folder, run this command `program firmware.bin` - Done! Now it should be using original Ninebot firmware. - If the dash has renamed it self when you search for it in the Bluetooth menu, the dash has now been converted succesfully to a real OEM dash!