# How to Mint YAY Bears on Arbitrum ### 1. Connecting to Arbitrum In order to use Arbitrum, you'll first need to add it to Metamask. The easiest way to do this is to go to https://arbiscan.io/, scroll to the bottom, and click "Add Arbitrum Network" with the Metamask logo (it should be in the bottom right). You'll then get a pop up from Metamask, and after going through the Metamask flow you'll be able to connect to Arbitrum after clicking the "Networks" toggle at the top. Next up you'll have to use the Arbitrum bridge to transfer ETH. Head over to https://bridge.arbitrum.io/, in order to do this. **WARNING:** Make sure you transfer ETH to Arbitrum and not WETH!! Make sure you're connected to the the Ethereum Mainnet, and enter the amount you want to deposit into Arbitrum. Once done, click deposit and perform the transaction with Metamask. Your transaction will take a few minutes to process, you'll see 2 new transactions under TxID which will need to be completed. Once the transaction is completed, switch your network in Metamask to Arbitrum and you should see your ETH! Congratulations on the bridge, you're now ready to use the Arbitrum network and mint a few YAY Bears. ### 2. Minting YAY Bears 1. Head over to https://yaybears.com, and press the "Connect with MetaMask" button near the buttom. Make sure to only connect with the account you're planning on minting with. 2. Select how many bears you'd like to mint, and press the "Mint" button. It's as easy as that! **Note:** when you go to mint your YAY Bears, you’ll find that the gas estimate will be very high (e.g., upwards of 0.01 ETH). This is because Arbitrum’s gas works slightly differently than Ethereum’s gas and Metamask doesn’t give automatic estimates. You’ll notice when you check on Arbiscan that your minting transaction only uses around 0.002 ETH if you’re minting 1 bear (that’s around $7!), and slightly more for each additional bear you mint. If you don't have enough ETH in your wallet for the automatically-set gas limit, feel free to lower it to something more reasonable. Usually even half of the default gas limit will work.