# State Targeted Decisions State targeted decisions are very similar to country targeted decisions. In order to define a decision as a state targeted decision, you need to put: ``` state_target = yes ``` Then `FROM` will be a state scope, with `target_trigger` and `target_root_trigger` working like with country targeted decisions. Just like with country targeted decisions, you can define `targets` (State IDs or variables) and `target_array`. Useful target arrays include: * `core_states` * `controlled_states` * `owned_states` Each array can be prefixed with another scope (so eg. `EQS.core_states` will scope to EQS's core states, even if `ROOT` is something else), and you can use your own arrays too. One extra key state targeted decisions have is `on_map_mode`. It has two possible values: * `on_map_mode = map_only` - will not show the decisions in the decision tab, and instead only put icons over the states in the 3d map * `on_map_mode = map_and_decisions_view` - will show the decisions both on map and in the decision tab Another key is `highlight_color_while_active = 1` - seems to highlight the state as long as the decision is active, even after exiting the decision tab. Only used for missions in vanilla.