# OpenSquare's work in 11.2021 ## Development ### Statescan - Finish the development of NFT business and release Statescan 2.0.0 - Add customized pages for destroyed assets and NFTs - Refactor code, split scan business into separate packages while common ones in a common package ### Off-chain voting - Separate the fronted and node-api interaction packages for better maintenance - Our delivery passed web3 foundation review ### dotreasury - Finish the input/out scan code split and migrate dotreasury deployment to new server - Support business that one motion may invole with multiple treasury proposals and bounties - Finish the scan development for edgeware and working with the integration of server/fronted side ### SubSquare - Adjust code structure to better support single chain deployment, and config sub-domains for karura and khala - Fix link for username - Improve the line break handling for rich editor - Recoginize and auto show the links for posts and comments ## Cooperation and collaboration We delivered off-chain voting and passed the web3 foundation's review. Check the [PR](https://github.com/w3f/Grant-Milestone-Delivery/pull/297). We are building partnerships and implementing subsquare for other para-chains and substrate based projects, including Crust, Kintsugi, etc.