tier list week 10 S ranks the papal state and france clearly the strongest nations in existence by surviving on dead nations. A ranks Hungary strongest standing army, so far undeafeated and has a nice income via venice. (basically 1 nation.) easy expansion into ai tuscany.. and PLC has been teutered enough to not be able to stop it.. unless diplo switches there will be no one to stand a change against this nation Russia While having a larger forcelimit then hungary, it's lower on troops it just reconquered some of it's lost lands.. and it's troop quality isnt as great as hungary Prussia While fielding the strongest troops in the game both income and quantity wise it's lacking behind... weakest prussia to the campaign weve seen so far. Malwa one of the 2 darkhorses for the campaign great income weaker neighbours and a very strong army Japan the other darkhorse with troops rivaling hungaries. has not been to aggressive so far but that might still come? PLC the neutered attack dog, beaten back from it's once glorious state... let's see what it still has to offer. Madyas while it's land army wouldn't put the nation above C tier, with the strongest navy in the game.. and relative situation you could argue it's an A tier that can decide the SEA in any war. B ranks Sweden probably stronger than it likes to let his neighbours believe, troop quality almost as good as hungary / japan (almost equal really) but a distinct lack of Force limit hinders it just like it hinders prussia. atleast it's capital is save? Mamluks always around, always just lacking the money or just lacking the troop quality to actually make A tier. if it's nation ideas where better it might have actually been A tier. sad little egypt that just can't beat it's neighbours or is to kind to other neighbours.. will this change? well have to see Tuscany (F) even though it's been abandoned it's still plenty strong compared to other nations in the campaign. both army and income wise... the real question is will someone pick it up? Mughals the Mughals that didn't stick with timurid ideas, that has slightly worse troop quality then malwa and honestly... doesn't have the income nor forcelimit compared to it's neighbours.. Instead of the mughals that could we got the mughals that couldn't (also enjoy maritime buddy) Songhai in my eyes the real darkhorse, silently becoming really strong, decent in forcelimit and okay income (pirates go away) this african has more to offer then one might think! C ranks Korea better troop quality then most nations in the game, a decent FL strong diplo situation with it's alliance in Japan.. together with Japan they could become a real force towards the entire world. yet... it's just there.. Butua Troop Quality check, forcelimit not at all check income meh....... it's alive Andalusia maybe suprising maybe not, it's troops quality aint that great.. it's forcelimit is weak.. honestly compared to it's neighbours... *ouch* yemen troop quality check.. income pretty good ideas???????? expansion ??????? mamluks vassal check :+1: Venice no army to speak off, has a nice enough income / navy though and since it's basically an extension from hungary it's still quite great. D ranks: Oirat (F?) Fl nope, army strength pretty ok econimy nope... if it would still be a japanese puppet it could be a safe pick? Norway decent navy, has a pretty good econimy.. it's worth is basically it's colonial nations though. E ranks: Tipet the great himalayan polandball master, it's alive pippet I guess Mann oh mann... colonial nations worse then norway.. fleet aint nothing to scoff at though .. atleast you got a pretty good econimy.. Hormuz a true puppet, bottom of the barrel... a okay navy, good income (very good relative to size) no army to speak off. atleast your still around unlike a certain italy... F ranks: Georgia (FF) fallen but not forgotten