Coffee Driven Developer --- # Strategy ## Objectives * Look into or deepen knowledge about topics of web development with the following order of importance: 1) what I like or find interesting; 2) what is happening in the community; 3) things I need for work; * Improve communication skills; * Self-market; ## User needs * Learn new things, eventually not in full details; * Find what they need in a few keywords; * Always have something to practice with (GitHub repositories); # Scope ## Functional requirements * List articles; * Search articles by keywords (tags); * Link between articles; * Reading time estimation; * Newsletter subscription; * Content editable via GitHub (users can submit a PR to fix articles); MVP trade-offs: * Mobile only; * Hosted on GitHub; * Comments on Twitter; ## Content requirements * Easier over more detailed (create another article for details); * SEO is crucial (topics easy to find, Manuel easy to find); * Predictable pattern: * Introduction * Example * Explanation * Code * Final words * Use ample spectrum cultural references: books, music, movies, cuisine * Keep it short. No more than 10 minutes read;