The Kohi click test measures the amount of clicks your site receives per second. This is useful for determining the speed at which your website loads. It is similar to other click test programs, with the only significant difference being that it is featured on a [Minecraft server]( known as Kohi. ## Know Your Clicking Speed [Cps games]( are becoming increasingly popular. A click-to-play game is one where the player clicks to play. This allows for a more intuitive experience. A player does not have to wait for the game to load before they can start playing. ![]( Clicking quickly isn't the same as clicking quickly. In fact, a person can click as fast as he or she likes, but still not be able to click as fast as a mouse. Mousing is a much faster way to click because it allows for more precise movement in [click speed tester]( **Steps for click speed test:** Start the game by squeezing the 'click Here' button on the dark box. The game beginnings with the main snap, thus, keep tapping the mouse inside the dim box. A clock shows the time that player has till they can raise around the click. The last score is introduced as the clock closes. You may also checkout [aim trainers]( to improve your aiming. ## Different Types of Clicking Method If you're a gamer, then you know that the best way to get a better score in a game is to use the right method. The Kohi Click Test was designed by the developers of Minecraft to help gamers improve their [mouse-clicking skills]( But over time, players began to compete against each other in a game of skill that was based on mouse clicks. In this video, we'll explore the history of the Kohi Click Test and discover why it's becoming an increasingly popular competitive game. ### Regular Clicking Most people are regular clickers or [drag clickers]( It's almost instinctive for them to click the mouse once, twice, three times, four times... Regular clickers click every time they see something. But some people are clickers, and some people are non-clickers. Non-clickers can be trained to click. Clickers can't. ### Butterfly Clicking Butterfly Clicking Method is a new way to click a mouse. It involves [rapid finger spasms](, where players use two fingers and strike the mouse alternatively to get more clicks over a short period. While they lift one finger, the other finger hits the mouse multiple times. ![]( ### Drag Clicking The term "Drag Click" was created by gamers and it is an extremely interesting way of clicking on the mouse. This method is not intended to be used in [PvP combat]( and is not applicable to the Minecraft world. The objective of the Kohi click test is to see which one among the different methods will help you get maximum clicks on the website. So it will be helpful if you use the click test for getting the maximum number of clicks. Tryout our [typing speed test]( as well to improve your keyboard typing.