Hack For Freedom Submission *= required ## Name of Project* Aragon China <br> ## Project Description* Aragon empowers freedom by creating liberating tools that leverage decentralized technologies. And yet Chinese citizens, of which there are 1.4 billion, rarely speak English and live in one of the most centraly controlled jursidictions in the world. We decided to do something about it by building Aragon China DAO, an intentionally opinionated Karma DAO builder in Chinese. Whist Aragon Client is intentionally neutral and offers a diverse range of DAO templates, Aragon China DAO is heavily opinionated and only offers the Karma DAO template, sacrificing choice for simplicity. "Karma" is also fitting with our Chinese routes and ovearching philosophy of "what we give is what we get". Our immediate focus is on expanding the Aragon ecosystem in China. However, we've already implemented easy language switching so that other languages can be quickly added soon inlcuding South Korean, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish with English already implemented as a secondary default. We believe this makes Aragon DAOs significantly more accessable to billions more people that don't speak English. We would like to give special thanks to Karma DAO, Aragon Connect and FBFly - all of which are tools we have leveraged to create the chinese Aragon DAO builder. Recognising that Ethereum gas fees are increasingly prohibitive to DAO adoption, we have created the DAO builder in such a way that builders can choose to deploy their DAO on Ethereum or the xDAI blockchain. Once Aragon Chain launches, we intend to add that as a 3rd deployment option. Alongside the energy of our adorably cute Aragon panda and mascot, we are thrilled to bring Aragon to China. <br> ## Project Team* 1. Tao - developer - [@taosue](https://github.com/taosue/) 2. Aaron - developer - [@pythonpete32](https://github.com/pythonpete32) 3. Shirley - translation - [@Liangliang09](https://github.com/Liangliang09) 4. Caos - developer - [@caosbad](https://github.com/caosbad) 5. Moni - designer&translation - [@monicazng](https://github.com/monicazng) 6. Typto - coordinator - [@typto](https://github.com/typto) 7. Joey - coordinator - [@joeycharlesworth](https://github.com/joeycharlesworth) <br> ## A prototype (code or no-code)* **website:** [https://aragonchina.xyz/](https://aragonchina.xyz/) **website source code:** [https://github.com/aragonchina/website](https://github.com/aragonchina/website) **DAO Page:** [http://dao.aragonchina.xyz/](http://dao.aragonchina.xyz/) **DAO Backend:** [https://github.com/aragonchina/aragon-china-dao](https://github.com/aragonchina/aragon-china-dao) **DAO Frontend:** [https://github.com/aragonchina/china-frontend](https://github.com/aragonchina/china-frontend) **Video Demo:** [https://youtu.be/67tj7mVPNho](https://youtu.be/67tj7mVPNho) **Forum:** [https://gov.aragonchina.xyz/](https://gov.aragonchina.xyz/) **Weibo:** [https://weibo.com/aragonproject](https://weibo.com/aragonproject) **Wechat:** ![](https://i.imgur.com/Dm4w2l0.png) <br> ## Beta-product page + lead capture url <br> ## Pitch-deck <br>