# CSCI 1951T In-Class Activity > Estimated time: 30 Minutes ## VRStudio ### Step 1: Setup Make sure that SideQuest is set up and you have Android Developer mode enabled on your Oculus. [Tutorial Here](https://www.vrwiki.cs.brown.edu/vr-hardware/oculus-quest-2/sideloading-apks-using-sidequest) Download the VRStudioDemo.apk file from this [Drive Link](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LEiHaNAxvwDnxaiKGb74VD1vqxqmfHmg/view?usp=sharing) Finally, with your Oculus connected to your computer, load the .apk file through SideQuest by clicking on the "Install APK File" button in the upper right of the UI (looks like a box with a down arrow). ![](https://i.imgur.com/cYLNFV9.png) You can check if the app is successfully installed by navigating to the "Tasks" button on the same toolbar. ### Step 2: Getting into the Studio Putting on your headset, go to Apps and select the small, circular button in the upper left corner. Then, in the upper left dropdown of the new page, select "Unknown Sources." You should now see the VRStudioDemo App. You can navigate around the space with the left joystick and turn with the right. Walk around! Feel free to pick out an easel at an angle you find interesting. :::info :bulb: **Hint:** You can also disconnect your headset from your laptop at this point. ::: ### Step 3: 5 Minutes of Sketching in VR Sketch the figure. Don't go crazy! Just think about basic form and proportion. I suggest you use just the black pen, for now. Take a screenshot of your creation :) :::info :pushpin: Gesture drawings are very simple, almost stick-figure like drawings, like this, and they are a legit practice technique. ![](https://i.imgur.com/KTt75Ae.jpg) These are by DaVinci! ::: --- ## Switching Gears: ### Step 4: 5 Minutes of Sketching IRL Now that you've sketched your VR Masterpiece, take off your headset and go to [This Link](https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/figure-of-a-dancer-63212acff8474095ba2626d9366df852). You'll find it's the same model we just sketched in VR. Try making a similar gesture drawing on a sheet of paper with a pen, this time using the 3D model of your computer screen as a reference. Take a photo of your paper drawing :) :::info :pushpin: Try to do this at a similar angle as you sketched in VR. ::: ### Step 5: Discuss! Share your creations and discuss your experiences with those around you! What were some differences you noticed between sketching in 2D and in VR? :::info :bulb: **Some ideas:** What were some differences you noticed between sketching in 2D and in VR? What do you notice about the differences in your two sketches? Does one look more proportionally "correct?" How difficult was each method? How fun was each method? What was missing? ::: ### Step 5: Evaluation Please complete [This Form](https://forms.gle/KAoSxVHvi1Dikjix9) when you are done. = Hope you had fun! ![](https://i.imgur.com/lHbOgtw.jpg)