# NFT Financialization Hack Ideas *Add your idea as a new bullet point and tag your Discord handle so people know who to reach out to to discuss it further* - Fractional reserve model for NFTs / Metaverse bank / metaverse prime brokerage model - NFT inventory management tool - Native renting without derivative assets - NFT Specific insurance - Kumo09#6191 - NFT flash loans to gain access or to use some utility / general NFT flash loans - Exchange pools (deposit NFT into a pool to receive market performance, can withdraw original back out) - ML-based portfolio management solutions - Tokenized NFT yield protocol - NFT volatility index - Peer-to-peer NFT options protocol based on Uniswap LP NFTs - NFT loan protocol focused on financial NFTs (NFTfi NFTs, Solv Vouchers, etc...) - PFP-specific NFT marketplace - Decentralized NFT price oracle - NFT derivatives on top of aggregated liquidity - Remi#9464 - Bonding for NFTs to create a super large and liquid NFT collection/community - BurstingBagel#1973 - Yield aggregator for NFTs - BurstingBagel#1973 - Yield-bearing greeting card for normies - gecko007#6813 - NFT scavenger hunt on chain using Lit protocol to release new clues - An API to check whether an NFT is stolen or not - Credit/Risk scores for Metastreet vaults by looking at underlying NFTfi loans - statsguy#7059 - NFT BNPL platform - mimiLFG#2054 - NFT Bond and check Issue service and secondary market - kosuke#3896 #### From Rob & Mango (Charged Particles) - combine soul-bound NFTs with a trust-fund. - portfolios of broker-managed assets held in NFTs. - hedged NFTs with equal long and short positions on an asset. - dynamic NFT metadata changes based on tokens nested inside a particle (huge possibilities for Web 3.0 gaming) - Weighted governance vote mechanism based on tokens inside a governance NFT (reputation/skills use-cases) - Vested token stream