# Meeting Notes VEBA Community Call Occurs every **last Tuesday** in the month at **8AM Pacific Time** **Zoom:** https://via.vmw.com/veba-ama (password protected, [details](https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance#community-calls)) **Notes**: https://via.vmw.com/veba-notes **Recordings:** https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnopqt07fPn3hspeQvarWuFH3IiwkMpDJ <!-- Template ## <Date> ### Recording - https://... ### Agenda - - ### Notes - - ### TODOs - [ ] Task - Owner --> ## April 26th 2022 ### Recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNAvbhUWOS4 ### Agenda - `v0.7.3` Milestone (remaining [issues](https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance/milestone/11)) - Draft PR [`HorizonSouce`](https://github.com/vmware-tanzu/sources-for-knative/pull/416) for Knative - Kubecon Talk vSphere and Kubernetes with VEBA - Open Discussion ### Notes - [AaronM] add option in-place upgrades/options for minor VEBA patch releases? - time-consuming parts mostly around custom settings, secrets, network access, certificates - [William] Complex task (incl. testing) for a Fling, even just for minor releases (sometimes we bump/switch components and versions) - [RobertG] +1 on vSphere HA function Patrick ported to Knative backend - [ScottR] working on a "VEBA" Carvel package for router, RMQ and Knative (using self-developed Helm to Carvel tool) - [ToddK] use case: application teams want information, e.g. VM migrations, for performance reasons ("vMotion causes latencies") but should not have access to VC - idea: use VEBA function and store important events in a DB for async inspection/troubleshooting - [Michael] simple solution: print event to stdout and use VEBA syslog/LogInsight integration - [Michael] should we do a VEBA Function prototyping (learning) session in one of the next VEBA calls? ### TODOs - [ ] Ask in Slack channel for VEBA function session - @RwSaGG9uThu0OYdnSCtczg (Michael) ## March 29th 2022 ### Recording - https://youtu.be/m0dTmk4Z8O0 ### Agenda - Upcoming `v0.7.3` hotfix release - Review open issues - Open discussion ### Notes - [AaronM] also blocked by private Harbor/cert issue: - https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance/issues/818 - [William] WIP (docs, post-deployment) - [AaronM] authenticating against container registry - [Michael] see: https://knative.dev/docs/serving/deploying-from-private-registry/ - [Michael] anyone noticed performance improvements w/ v0.7.2 and RabbitMQ? - [Aaron] blocked by private registry issue, but will try soon - [Darryl] CarbonBlack function WIP, questions on git - [Michael] see: https://www.mgasch.com/2021/05/git-basics/ - [AaronM] is it an anti-pattern to simplify/consolidate function logic, e.g. for supporting different REST APIs? - background: would simplify deployment/distribution instead of smaller/API-specific functions for Aaron - [Michael] would consider this anti-pattern, though in certain cases might just work - [Michael] older example from PK for inspiration: https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance/tree/release-0.6.0/examples/openfaas/python/invoke-rest-api (not available for Knative processor) - [Darryl] buildpacks heavily simplified dev workflow https://buildpacks.io/ - https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/dotnet-core/issues/653 - also: https://github.com/knative-sandbox/kn-plugin-func to boostrap functions - [William] no PS/PCLI support for buildpacks (on Photon) yet - https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/dotnet-core/issues/653 - [AaronM] question on deprecation of VEBA on "existing Knative" in v0.7.2 - [William] just deprecated as part of the appliance deployment; can still be done manually though - [William] with v0.8.0 it will be a no-code change required migration from VEBA OSS to Knative commercial offering, e.g. Tanzu TAP - [AaronM] testing Knative against other K8s distributions? - [William] official guidance for (production) deployment https://knative.dev/docs/install/knative-offerings/ ### TODOs - ## March 1st 2022 ### Recording - https://youtu.be/gBKael9HG14 ### Agenda - The next release will be v0.7.2 (v0.8.0 is tentatively scheduled for end of first half ’22) - Notable changes with the next release - Community discussion ### Notes - v0.7.2 pre-release ready for testing (was planned as v0.8.0) - Internal refactoring for stability/performance and bug fixes - Major documentation update (Function contributions) - PS Function [Template](https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance/tree/development/examples/knative/powercli/kn-pcli-template) for contributors - Download: https://download3.vmware.com/software/vmw-tools/veba/VMware_Event_Broker_Appliance_release-0.7.2.ova - Next community call: Mar 29th - New Sources for Knative v0.8 ("router" feature parity) - v0.8 ETA Q2 - Patrick working on new tutorial/guidance video for function authors - Ankush experienced issues with Kubelet in <0.7.2 (Kubelet not starting after reboot) - resolved with v0.7.2 - Ankush wrote function for a customer (Python) to send power off event to Slack ### TODOs - ## January 25th 2022 ### Recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVWRAHAru30&list=PLnopqt07fPn3hspeQvarWuFH3IiwkMpDJ&index=3 ### Agenda - Welcome new members! - Update on upcoming v0.8.0 release - vCenter EventHistoryCollector bug - Idea/Prototype: vSphere Event Streaming ### Notes - Question from Avri: - Any plans to improve the UI, e.g. events viewer? - How to automate creating functions (like UI plugin does)? - Question from James: how to prevent people from randomly joining/disrupting VEBA call - v0.8.0 updates: - Broker enhancements, e.g. parallel processing and at-least-once semantics - Avri: function-autoscaling desired vs trigger concurrency annotation (state management, ease code logic [i.e. lambda behavior] to avoid concurrency issues) - Version upgrades, incl. switch to containerd (fixes fluent-bit bug) - Reminder: AWS and OpenFaaS processors removed in appliance - Tracker: https://github.com/orgs/vmware-samples/projects/1/views/6 - vCenter EventHistoryCollector bug - Avri was the third VEBA user to report "no new events" issue - found root cause: vCenter DB int32 overflow - currently working w/ engineering on short/long-term fix - vSphere Event Streaming: - Motivation: expose vSphere Events SOAP API via HTTP/REST streaming API - Try it! https://github.com/embano1/vsphere-event-streaming - Demo ### TODOs - [x] Create issue for EHC bug on GH - @RwSaGG9uThu0OYdnSCtczg (Michael) - [ ] Create issue for EHC bug on Fling - @lamw ## December 28th 2021 No meeting (holidays) ## November 30th 2021 ### Recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI63m9tBDgA&list=PLnopqt07fPn3hspeQvarWuFH3IiwkMpDJ&index=2 ### Agenda - Update next releases - Michael - Demo of vROPS integration - Robert ### Notes - Releases: - Features and fixes in v0.7.1 - New functions and rewamped docs on the website - Discussing removal of OpenFaaS and Eventbridge processors in the appliance deployment form factor in v0.8.0 (remains available in the VMware Event Router for some time) - Updates to RabbitMQ broker (performance and stability) - Metrics and build optimizations - Working towards using Knative-native event sources (VSphereSource) to replace the custom VMware Event Router - No VEBA community call during X-Mas Holidays - Next meeting: Jan 25th 2022 8AM PT ### TODOs - [ ] ## October 26th 2021 ### Recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI7SgWwrj5Y&list=PLnopqt07fPn3hspeQvarWuFH3IiwkMpDJ&index=1 ### Agenda - Intro about this first community call - VEBA @VMworld recap (v0.7 release, sessions, etc.) - VEBA v0.8 feature discussion - Metrics support: one or multiple per deployment (TO, Prometheus, more?) - User feedback(names) on VEBA website - volunteers? - New Community Use Cases - https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance/blob/development/USECASES.md - VEBA @Hacktoberfest? - Details: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ - Demo vSphere Preemption ### Notes - VMworld Code Session VEBA Part 3 on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwgJpZM68mA&list=PLnopqt07fPn3KFBr7fukvXhzo6i3Ir60z&index=11 - VEBA Public Roadmap - https://github.com/vmware-samples/vcenter-event-broker-appliance/projects/1 - Plan to attend Hacktoberfest in 2022 - Question from James on multi-VC integration - VEBA and VMware event router is one-to-one - VEBA can be customized to run multiple router instances (e.g. use Helm chart to automate) - Or directly deploy VMware event router (or Knative vSphere Sources) on Kubernetes - https://github.com/vmware-tanzu/sources-for-knative - Aaron asking for consuming VEBA events, e.g. from underlying K8s stack - Options: - https://knative.dev/docs/developer/eventing/sources/apiserversource/reference/#example-resources-parameter - Monitoring (see EPIC WIP above) - Custom function/CronJob generating monitoring events - Should VEBA generate custom events/alerts, e.g. VC disconnect - Issue caused by VC down (maintenance) where router could not reconnect but DRS licensing must be enforced (audited) - Checkpointing can be configured in VEBA so VEBA will replay events from before the crash (last checkpoint) - List of all Knative Event Sources (can be manually deployed in VEBA) - https://knative.dev/docs/developer/eventing/sources/ - Sidney question on AppVolume integration/support - use-case for example about failed mounting on VM's and AppStack replication failures - Sidney question on Horizon provider seeing lots of login/logout events - Caused by another Fling heavily connecting (polling), should be optimized in Fling (use tokens) - Workarounds: - Filter on specific event in Sockeye event viewer - Filter in custom function and drop these particular REST events - Future: Knative filtering will improve which should make this more easy (w/out writing custom function logic) - Question from James whether using router or VSphereSources if deploying directly on Kubernetes - Recommendation: use VSphereSource and optionally run router in parallel to get features like Webhook and Horizon event provider ### TODOs - [ ]