# Richape Mille **whitepaper 1.2** ![](https://i.imgur.com/53qKw5K.jpg) # Table of Contents [TOC] ## NFT Sneakpeek ![](https://i.imgur.com/SWeFtCe.gif) # Roadmap * Phase 1: Richape Mille * Establish social media presence * Build Richape Mille NFT smart contract * Establish Discord * Launch website * Public allocation * NFT reveal * Phase 2: Reward Utilities * Platinum Daytona giveaway * Apparel reward * Benefits for BAYC owners * Establish ChronoMETA * Purchase land in Sandbox and Decentraland * Open metaverse boutiques * Phase 3: Journey into the metaverse * Establish Meta-Made * Hire a dedicated coding team and technology team * Build infrastructure for future metaverse integration * Partner with existing luxury brands * Integrate into the metaverse ## NFT Key Details | Total number of NFT | 5711 | |-|-| | Total NFT versions | 100 watches | | Rarity Types | 4 | | Piece Unique - 1/1 | 11x | | Grail - 1/10 | 20x | | Super Rare - 1/50 | 28x | | Rare - 1/100 | 41x | | Attribute | Background, Rarity Type, Serial Watch Number | | NFT per Wallet | Only 2 NFT per each Wallet, no same watch for one wallet | | Number of NFT held by project creators for promotion and partnership purposes | 211 | Number of wallets in Whitelist | 2000 | | Number of NFT's in whitelist allocation | 2000 | | Number of NFT's in public mint | 3500 | # 1.0 Introduction Introducing 5,711 hand-crafted NFTs in limited editions of 1, 10, 50, and 100, each paying homage to one of 100 grail timepieces. A collection of handmade art pieces of the grail watches that all collectors dream of owning. Collectors have been turned away by authorised dealers and refuse to pay the ridiculous prices of the grey market. Richape Mille is creating a new opportunity for collectors to obtain the grail watch they truly want and become a part of the future of the luxury watch industry. At first glance, each NFT might seem like an artistic parody or homage, but each NFT has practical uses beyond its value as a rare collectible digital artwork. Each owner will be offered exclusive initial access to ChronoMETA and Meta-Made. This is no ordinary NFT project; we have no whitelist and no public mint. Each piece will be individually allocated to members of our community who are adding true value. Our goal is to ensure that pieces aren't just being purchased to be flipped for profit. These pieces are intended to be kept for a long time. Richape Mille is building a community of NFT and watch enthusiasts who believe in the future of the luxury watch industry throughout the metaverse. # 2.0) About Richape Mille ![](https://i.imgur.com/ylnn93t.jpg) ## 2.1) Mission To create an NFT project that has utility and value beyond a rare digital art collectible.  A VIP ticket to the future of luxury watches that’s practical for now and in the future. ## 2.2) Vision To create the biggest marketplace of luxury watches in both physical and metaverse worlds.  Building a bridge between the metaverse and the luxury industry, partnering with existing brands to assist their integration into the metaverse. ## 2.3) Value Each NFT is a unique grail watch, an original art piece that gives access to the ChronoMETA and Meta Made, the future of the luxury industry.  Real value with real utility. # 3.0 Key Terminology ## 3.1) What is an NFT? NFT’s are digital assets, publicly verifiable intellectual property authenticated on the blockchain. An NFT, “Non-Fungible Token”, is a unique, non-fungible asset that cannot be split. NFT’s provide proof of ownership of any digital or physical asset that can live outside a centralised server or repository. They act as a permanently attached certificate of ownership. Unlike fungible currencies such as the dollar or Bitcoin, an NFT cannot be interchanged; each is unique. If you exchange a $20 note for two $10 notes, your asset has retained the same value as the dollar is interchangeable. Each NFT is unique and therefore not interchangeable, using special identification codes and metadata to differentiate each piece; no two NFT’s are the same. This works in the same way as many other collectible items such as; trading cards, Fine art or stamps. NFT’s create a scarcity among an otherwise infinitely available asset and come with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate of authenticity is the ‘Token’ in NFT, ensuring that your ownership is protected. ## 3.2) Value of an NFT NFTs have scarcity and asset property; these pieces are digital collectables created with an explicit scarcity. As with traditional collectables, people collect them for passion, admiration, social capital, identity and investments. Thanks to open data afforded by the blockchain, NFTs collectibles are part of a very healthy secondary market. These markets allow users to trade and sell their collectibles conveniently and without the hesitation of questionable authenticity. The biggest difference between NFT and traditional collectibles is that NFT collectibles can be multi-purpose. ## 3.3) Minting process ### What is Minting? Minting turns a digital file into a crypto asset or collectible secured on the Ethereum blockchain. Once completed, your digital asset is stored securely on a decentralized database that is impossible to edit, modify or delete. Minting is the best way to purchase an NFT for optimal value before the price increases caused by trading in the public market. All pieces have the same minting cost regardless of rarity, which won’t be true on the open market. ### How to participate To participate in the minting of an NFT project, you will require a wallet such as ‘Metamask’. The NFTs you mint will be tied directly to your wallet, so you have full control and can hold and manage your funds directly. 3.5) Discord ------------ ### What is Discord? Discord is a free voice, video and chat app used by millions to talk with other community members. A dedicated Richape Mille Discord will be launched to foster the community’s growth, with a devoted moderator team and subject channels. The group will be open to anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in the project. Links to join the RIchape Mille DIscord will be available through official social media and richapemille.com. # 4.0) Phase 1: Richape Mille ## 4.1) Building the community The core of any collectible NFT project is the community it builds. A community that shares the vision of the project and its short and long term benefits. Richape Mille now has an Instagram and Twitter account sharing snippets of his life and details on the project’s progression. In addition, all Richape Mille holders will have access to an exclusive Discord server (see point 4.3), which will be the main hub of community interaction. ## 4.2) Allocation process ### How do I get an allocation? Unlike a standard NFT project, we have no whitelist and no public sale; each Richape Mille NFT is individually allocated to community members that we believe are adding true value to the community and believe in the future potential of this project. Each allocation will be selected by the concierge in the Richape Mille Discord server. To be considered for an allocation, discord members must complete the application. Each allocation will be limited to 2 NFTs during the minting to mitigate the number of pieces purchased just to be flipped for a higher price. Richape Mille pieces are an asset that is designed to be held in the long term, providing increasing value as the project continues to grow ## 4.3) how to apply To be eligible for an allocation, please fill out the application form through our Discord server. Once your application is complete it will be reviewed and if successful handed to our concierge team. Only a small number of pieces will be released in each allocation round. Richape Mille pieces where originally designed for BAYC owners, to increase your chance of allocation, verify yourself as a BAYC holder. ## 4.4) Minting process Unlike a standard NFT project, we have no whitelist and no public sale; each Richape Mille NFT is individually allocated to community members that we believe are adding true value to the community and believe in the future potential of this project. Each allocation will be selected by the concierge in the Richape Mille Discord server If you are allocated a Richape Mille piece you will be sent a direct email from Richape Mille (rich@richapemille.come) providing a private minting link available for 24 hours. Any pieces that are not minted within their allocation window will be reallocated. ## 4.5) NFT reveal 48 hours after minting, each NFT will be revealed. There are 100 grail timepieces and each timepiece has one of 4 rarities; Rare - 1 of 100, Super Rare - 1 of 50, Grail - 1 of 10 or Piece Unique - 1 of 1. A total of 5,711 NFTs will be available. The Rarity of each NFT can be seen by the type of background and the exact number will be visible on the watch. ## 4.6) Discord benefits for NFT holders As soon as the public allocation concludes, members of the community holding a NFT will be able to log in to the members-only area of the Discord. Members will have access to exclusive channels, events, and giveaways supported by the moderation team. Our goal is to create a community of dedicated watch and NFT collectors who can network and participate in an exciting new community. ## 4.7) Option to list on OpenSea After the reveal, the pieces will be able to be traded on Opensea and other major NFT marketplaces. Additionally, holders will gain access to exclusive Discord channels, events, and priority access in future Meta-Made projects. We do not encourage the sale of Richape Mille pieces as their value will only increase in the long term, both the value of each piece and the exclusive benefits that come from being a Richape Mille NFT holder. # 5.0) Phase 2: Reward Utilities ## 5.1) Platinum Daytona giveaway Richape Mille is giving away one platinum Rolex Daytona 116506 to one NFT holder to celebrate the sale of all 5’711 pieces. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator selecting 1 NFT. Richape Mille will contact the person holding the NFT directly and gift them a platinum Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, complete with box and papers, including all shipping charges. Each NFT will count as a single entry to the giveaway, and there is no limit to the number of entries per person. ## 5.2) Apparel Reward 90 days after launch, we will make 1 Richape Mille Oversized Hoodie and 1 Richape Mille hoodie NFT available to claim for each NFT wallet holding 2 Richape Mille NFTs. This is our way to give you additional physical value for being part of and supporting the movement and community. ### How to claim Eligible NFT holders will have the opportunity to choose their preferred Hoodie size and address during a special forging event that will last 24 hours, and they will receive it free of charge. The oversized Hoodie NFT will be delivered to the wallet holding the Richape Mille NFTs. ## 5.3) Exclusive benefits to BAYC NFT holders Owners of BAYC NFT’s will receive exclusive benefits when purchasing a Richape Mille NFT. An exclusive discord channel to connect and network with other BAYC watch collectors. 60 days after the sale event, if holding a Richape Mille NFT within the same wallet. They will be qualified to receive derivative NFTs of their APE wearing the Richape Mille they hold during a special forging event that will last 24 hours, and they will receive it free of charge. ## 5.4) Establish ChronoMETA ChronoMETA is the world’s first multiverse marketplace specifically dedicated to luxury timepieces with crypto-only payment. Providing collectors with direct access to top-level grey market dealers and wholesalers to purchase the grail pieces they want for the best possible price. By eliminating intermediaries and suppliers, the price of these items will be reduced compared to the existing market and purchasable immediately and securely. Updates will be communicated through discord. ### Dealer Benefits ChronoMETA will utilise existing relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges to help watch dealers convert fiat and cryptocurrencies, enabling watch dealers to accept crypto payments quickly and securely. In addition, as a result of ChronoMETA’s lower overhead costs, commission rates will be lower than major competitors. ### Access to the multiverse. ChronoMETA will be built using the proceeds of our NFT sale event and royalties from trades (5%). All relevant domains have been purchased and we are in the process of securing the land needed to open boutiques within the metaverse. The real-world marketplace will be available at [chronometa.com](http://chronometa.com/) and provide access to the most desirable timepieces at the best prices - with crypto only payments (the first platform of its kind). The Metaverse boutiques will be available on Sandbox and Decentraland - to provide Meta Made timepieces ready to buy, sell and wear. ## 5.5) Benefits for NFT holders ChronoMETA will be first available to Richape Mille NFT members with exclusive benefits such as priority access to future projects and collaborations. A dedicated Discord channel fostering a passionate watch collecting community will be fostered along with invitations to private events held both in and out of the metaverse. As ChronoMETA grows, these benefits will become more significant and the access provided by holding a Richape Mille NFT will continue into the evolution of Meta-Made. # 6.0) Phase 3: Swiss-made to Meta-Made ## 6.1) Journey in the Metaverse ### Meta-Made Meta-Made will give collectors more opportunity to own the grail pieces they truly want and to show them off throughout the metaverse. Using the capital raised from the founding of Richape Mille and ChronoMETA, we will develop the technology and infrastructure to assist existing luxury brands in integrating into the metaverse under a new badge - Meta Made. A new stamp of authenticity and high quality across the metaverse. More information on Meta-Made will be available at [www.meta-made.org](http://www.meta-made.org/) at a future date and announced on discord. ## 6.2) Create partnerships with existing luxury brands With ChronoMETA and Meta-Made, we will be uniquely positioned to assist existing brands in integrating into the metaverse. Taking our experience from Richape Mille, ChronoMETA, the luxury watch industry and a team of dedicated designers with the horological knowledge necessary to create truly faithful Meta-Made timepieces. Laying the foundation for the future of multiverse luxury retail. We are currently working with an established watch brand to integrate into the metaverse. Taking their detailed collection of products and faithfully recreating them to be purchased and worn in the metaverse.