# **Rooted Calm: Exploring Traditional Chinese Herbs for Managing Stress** Who does not know about Chinese herbs for stress? These stress-busting herbs have gained immense popularity within little time and have been a staple medicine for households dealing with tension. Owing to their ability to regulate emotions and stabilize mental conditions, these stress-relief herbs have secured the trust of many practitioners all around the globe. It is no secret why these amazing herbs are a source of comfort for every individual out there. We all stress out in our low moments which further triggers anxiety and results in hypertension. For this purpose, herbal medicine for stress is designed to address a wide range of psychological disorders like emotional instability, anxiety, depression, etc. In this article, we will explore key Chinese herbs for managing stress. 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Visit the store's official website and order your favorite medicine bundle now! **Vital Chinese Herbs for Managing Stress** According to TCM, there is a firm belief that the human body and mind are interrelated with one another. Based on this interconnection, the term "Shen" describes spirit, stability, and mental well-being. However, an imbalance in Shen triggers stress hormones which in turn affect mental tranquility. For this purpose, emotional herbal supplements are formulated to create harmony in the forces of Shen. This section curates key Chinese herbs for reducing stress and explains how they enhance cognitive vitality and improve mental health. **Ginseng- Stress buster:** Ginseng is the king of adaptogenic herbs and has been widely used for centuries. This stress relief herb is believed to foster cognitive stability and improve emotional resilience. From herbal teas to mental supplements, this herb is a key ingredient of any mental supplement. Consuming Ginseng tea in the morning or incorporating its supplements in your daily routine will effectively reduce stress and create harmony within the body. However, it is important to be mindful about its dosage and consult an expert practitioner before use. **Rhodiola Rosea- Fosters mental resilience:** Another staple herb in TCM is Rhodiola Rosea, originating from mountain ranges of Europe and Asia. In TCM, it is known for its ability to enhance psychical and emotional resilience. Just like Ginseng, it also has adaptogenic effects on the body. This herb is usually prescribed to individuals experiencing chronic stress or anxiety. Enhancing the body's response to combat stress at the micro-level it helps to restore balance within the body. For optimal results, standardized extracts of Rhodiola Rosea are commonly prescribed. However, it is essential to consult a TCM practitioner to get the right dosage according to your health needs. **Holy Basil- Promotes Tranquility:** Holy Basil also known as Tulsi, is one of [the popular herbs in ancient Chinese medicine](https://myminifactory.com/stories/introduction-to-traditional-chinese-medicine-in-the-united-states-655774b455c6c). This calming herb is believed to promote tranquility and emotional well-being. Apart from this, it reduces muscle stiffness, anxiety, and restores balance in cognitive functions. This overall fosters mental resilience and promotes inner peacefulness, making it ideal for individuals seeking natural remedies to relieve stress. From consuming a hot cup of Holy Basil Tea to incorporating it into your culinary routine, there are many creative ways to make this amazing herb a part of your wellness routine. Moreover, its versatility makes it suitable for herbal remedies and modern medicine. **Licorice Root- Stabilizes stress hormones:** Another popular herb in the realm of TCM is Licorice Root which is extensively used to treat mild to moderate depression. It is a key ingredient in every stress-relieving medicine, designed to regulate mood fluctuation resulting from hormonal imbalances, emotional instability, and psychological disorders. Moreover, it is non-addictive; this property makes it stand out amongst modern formulas that stabilize stress hormones. As Licorice Root stays gentle, it is considered to be safe. However individuals with underlying health conditions should consult a TCM practitioner before taking this herbal remedy. 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