Things the BBC have spoilt ========================== If there's anything missing, please let me know. [Reddit](, [Twitter]( or [Discord]( are good places to start. **This list does not include leaks, set reports or similar.** - Cybermen cliffhanger in Dark Water (as in, straight up uploading the cliffhanger to YouTube days prior) - The Great Intelligence was accidentally listed on the Bells of Saint John cast list days prior to TX, spoiling the cliffhanger at the end where they revealed he was behind it all and still alive. The BBC later corrected the error by removing it from the list. - Gallifrey's return in episode synopsis for Heaven Sent and Hell Bent (released weeks prior to episodes) - Which the director of said episodes have stated her disapproval of - Promotional picture of Clara in her waitress costume (after she died) **on the cover of DWM** - Promotional picture of the human Dalek on the cover of the Radio Times before air. - Next Time/TV Trailers regularly reveal way too much about the plot and any reveal - Big Dalek reveal at the end of Bad Wolf? Trailer. - Big Dalek reveal at the end of Army of Ghosts? Trailer. - Also, the Black Dalek was at an awards night, spoiling that - Trailer for The Witch's Familiar that aired before Series 9 premiered ruining Davros reveal - Face the Raven's more or less confirmed this would be Clara's final episode - Hell Bent's trailer reveals Clara's return - John Simm's big reveal in WE&T - Against Moffat's wishes. John Simm was also annoyed. - [See more information here]( - Bill's death and subsequent revival/partial conversion in WE&T - Shot of Capaldi regeneration in trailer - Revealing 9 is leaving the role without consulting Eccleston and giving a false reason just before The End of the World - Details for the 'The Legends of Ashildr' hardback came out and ruined the ending of episode 5 since these details were released before episode 5 aired. - [Series 4 DVD/BD menus]( spoil the Davros reveal by having voice clips from him playing throughout the set before new viewers even get to it. (Previous menus were much more generic) - Series 1-7 boxset had some fairly spoilery covers for any newbies. - The Master reveal in s3 [Needs Checking] - Providing Radio Times with images of Rusty in Twice Upon a Time without an embargo or anything. - Adding the traditional "Exterminate" Dalek speech clip to the Resolution trailer after it was leaked that it was a Dalek. Also worth mentioning that the social media feeds will comment and post big pictures on big spoilers, such as Clara's death, Stand-off on Gallifrey, John Hurt's reveal, the Gallifrey reveal and the s11 title sequence, **immediately** after UK air, spoiling things for non-UK folk (such as Americans who watch several hours later).