# Superior Crafting Revived ![Superior Crafting Banner](https://i.imgur.com/GBxagOl.png "Superior Crafting Banner") ## Short introduction :::info >With Superior Crafting, you start with minimal items you can build, and must research your way up to the more advanced items. >The production chain is also enhanced, so that crafting plays a larger role in your colonies growth. You have to work hard to unlock the good stuff, nothing is given to you for free. >You'll also have to make hard choices as to what you want to research next. This choice matters, and depending on the biome you start in, one technology may benefit you more than if you started somewhere else. > >[name=[Abrexus](https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=11741.msg118736#msg118736), original mod's author] [color=limegreen] ::: :::warning I intend to stay true to this original direction while trying to retain the maximum possible compatibility. In a second time, I'd like to work it to become like a framework for other mods to “plug into” >[name=[KapTaiN_KaVerN](https://github.com/kaptain-kavern)] ::: ## Material tree ### Production Diagram ```graphviz digraph "Production Diagram" {graph [bgcolor="#404040"]; node[color="#79B75F", shape=box, style=filled, fontcolor="#404040"]; edge [color="#898989", fontcolor="#FFFFFF"]; WoodLogs -> WoodPlanks[label="Saw Mill"]; WoodLogs -> Kindling; Kindling -> Mulch[label="Composter"]; RockChunk -> Sand[label="Crafting Table"]; Sand -> Glass[label="Glass works"]; Silver -> Electronics; Sand -> Electronics[label="Smithing Table"]; Steel -> SteelBar[label="Smelting Furnace"]; Plasteel -> PlasteelBar[label="Smelting Furnace"]; PlasteelBar -> ArtificialBone[label="Drug Lab"]; CornPlant -> Corn[label="Harvested"]; Corn -> Ethanol[label="Brewery"]; CottonPlant -> RawCotton[label="Harvested"]; RawCotton-> Cloth; Cloth -> Medicine[label="Drug Lab"]; HealrootPlant -> HerbalMedicine[label="Harvested"]; HerbalMedicine-> Medicine; RawCotton -> Synthread[label="Tailoring Bench"]; Plasteel -> Synthread; DevilstrandPlant -> RawDevilstrand[label="Harvested"]; RawDevilstrand -> "Devilstrand"[label="Tailor's Loom"]; Devilstrand -> Hyperweave[label="Tailor's Loom"]; Synthread -> Hyperweave; {rank=same;DevilstrandPlant HealrootPlant CottonPlant CornPlant Steel Plasteel} WoodLogs [label="Wood Log"]; WoodPlanks [label="Wood Plank"]; RockChunk [label="Rock Chunk"]; SteelBar [label="Steel Bar"]; DevilstrandPlant [label="Devilstrand (Plant)"]; RawDevilstrand [label="Raw Devilstrand"]; PlasteelBar [label="Plasteel Bar"]; ArtificialBone [label="Artificial Bone"]; CottonPlant [label="Cotton (Plant)"]; RawCotton [label="Raw Cotton"]; HealrootPlant [label="Healroot (Plant)"]; HerbalMedicine [label="Herbal Medicine"]; CornPlant [label="Corn (Plant)"] } ``` ## General To-do _Too vague for being put on the [github tracker](https://github.com/kaptain-kavern/Superior-Crafting-Revived/issues)_ - [ ] Adding a spot (using vanilla crafting spot texture if needed) for harvesting Sand, Gravel and Dirt/Soil. - _This spot will only been able to be placed on the respective corresponding terrain_ - [ ] Adding gravel as a construction material - [ ] ???Required for making *cement*??? - [ ] ???Sand will be crafted from gravel??? - [ ] *** ###### tags: `VideoGame` `Rimworld` `Mod` `Documentation` `TO-DO` https://hackmd.io/s/SkNcPHCll