President Joe Biden and Donald Trump have squared off in the first debate of the 2024 United States presidential race, seeking to pull ahead in a match-up that has, so far, been in a dead heat. But despite delivering the opening salvo, Biden struggled to articulate his points at several moments, appearing to fumble for his words. Meanwhile, Trump took the opportunity to redirect the conversation at several points to Biden’s perceived weaknesses, drumming up fears about immigration and the state of the economy. He also attempted to dodge questions about whether he would honour the results of November 5’s presidential election, saying he would only do so if it was “fair” and “free” – and then reiterating false claims that the 2020 election was rigged. “The fraud and everything else was ridiculous,” he said at one point, casting doubt on President Biden’s win in 2020. Trump currently faces two criminal indictments – one in Georgia and another in Washington, DC – over his alleged attempts to subvert those election results. President Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania on Sunday to campaign in the key swing state as members of his own party continue to express concerns whether he can lead Democrats to victory over former President Donald Trump in November. His first stop was Mount Airy Church of God in Christ, a Black church in Philadelphia, where he was showered in praise by the pastor and where he spoke for roughly six minutes. Later, he was scheduled to rally with union members in Harrisburg, Pa. Source :,67158237.html