![](https://i.imgur.com/SuNatkT.png) # Documentation ## International Partner Meeting ARBEIT UND LEBEN ### Youth Exchange and Youth Mobility in 2030 - European values and political education for disadvantaged young people in the transition from school to work Hamburg, 2019 November 13 - 16 ![](https://i.imgur.com/5xone81.jpg) --- ### 0. Program [Program Thursday](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdLu-pBq10g&t=290s) [Program Friday](https://youtu.be/N_z4jt49gYM) ### 1a. Presentation "Objectives of the conference" [Presentation Objectives](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-MhHYDYMFuNuJyvp0YwPCQ5KVsyCOANb) ### 1b. Greeting by Luciole Sauviat DGB German trade union [Greetings Luciole Sauviat DGB](https://drive.google.com/open?id=12e97TVHvyZbtWGUh3V_T15EmQOqurqh-) ### 2. Workshops * [Workshop 1: Exchange of experience: Political and intercultural education in the preparation and follow-up of Erasmus + mobilities](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/SkNPB1yiS) * [Workshop 2: Exchange of experience: Involving disadvantaged young people in mobilities](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/rJsvLd-jB) * [Workshop 3: Best Practice: Cooperation with companies](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/HJSnIObsS) * [Workshop 4: Formal recognition of mobility: Certification and validation of skills](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/ryyxw_WoB) * [Workshop 5: Challenges and framework conditions of international political youth education and exchange (qualification, financing, participation, digitalization, concepts, target groups / trainees, sustainability)](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/B1RZvOZjS) ### 3a. Access Study Andreas Rosellen transfer e. V. [Acces Study short presentation in English](http://zugangsstudie.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/access-study.pdf) ### 3b. Presentation KA 2 project TEDDIP 2 Florence Delseny Sobra [Presentation TEDDIP](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dQNN6GjhzKDubMmX5uVXNG670Rd2xBUG) ### 4. Discussion groups * [Group 1. Inclusion for mobilities and youth exchange / diversity-conscious perspective in youth work](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/B1XN_u-iH) * [Group 2. Digitalisation, internet governance, new media and democracy: what is the impact on youth work and partner cooperation / Participation potential and options for action in the digital world](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/rJfn5_-jS) * [Group 3. Dealing with changes in Europe Brexitc / New EU and challenges with the rise of nationalism / For social justice, against exclusion and racism](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/rkWOsuWiH) * [Group 4. Sustainability, climatic changes and youth work / thinking globally, engaging locally, developing responsibility ](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/BJHasdbsr) * [Group 5. Political education / follow-up of mobilities and link to EU citizenship](https://hackmd.io/@KonstantinAL/rJ7bn_-iS) ### 5. Mentimeter: Scales discussion groups outputs and Feedback on the Partner Meeting [Mentimeter presentation](https://www.mentimeter.com/s/43e27cea1b3dc44e9ebcb4c107a3cd1e/7334291ba535)