# Eve of ETH Denver Gathering ![](https://i.imgur.com/uBGP0na.jpg) ## Slides http://bit.ly/EMEDEN ## Schedule **Thursday, February 14th @ The Sports Castle, 1000 N Broadway** | Time | Activity | Comments? | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | 10am | Gathering | | | 10.30am | Intro to ETH Magicians | | | 11am | Past / Present Ring Recaps & Presentations | | | 12pm | Lunch Break | | | 1pm | Rings Part 1 | | | 2pm | Rings Part 2 | | | 3pm | Break | | | 3.30pm | Recaps, Notes & Actions | | | 4.30pm | Wrap Up | | ## Notes Mobile Ring: https://hackmd.io/s/SJdVG7UXE# Data Ring: https://hackmd.io/s/Sy6g5I7B4# ## Ring Formation (Meta Ring) [Notes from introductions and ring formation.](https://hackmd.io/s/r1NyorXH4) I missed a few people, especially at the beginning, go ahead and add yourself and make corrections. ![](https://i.imgur.com/vDFtEXq.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/mqRL4K5.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/ngA8W4X.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/Kdo5K9o.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/EMLWpe5.jpg) ## Description Ethereum Magicians welcomes one and all to the **"Eve of ETH Denver"** gathering. Magician Gatherings are created by the community, for the community and open to all. We will explain what magicians is and why it exists, brainstorm topics we would like to discuss with our time together and then break out into "rings". We will be coming together to synthesize, capture and establish next steps. The openness of Magicians allows everyone to participate in discussions eventually funneled to the wider Ethereum community, stakeholders and decision makers. ### Location **ETH Denver Venue:** The Sports Castle 1000 N Broadway Denver, CO 80203 https://goo.gl/maps/TkQjGfqHTR92 ![](https://i.imgur.com/LLSq9Ek.png) The space is being provided generously by the ETH Denver crew. Please thank them if you see them! 😍 ## Participate Feel free to edit this page and include links to "rings". These are broad topic gatherings of Magicians. We will organize around these rings but are always open to forming new and hybrid rings. ## Rings [Call for Rings](https://hackmd.io/mQrjzVjVR_eDQbRZp6GFDA) (first 4 and 6th links as well) * [Business Models](https://hackmd.io/mQrjzVjVR_eDQbRZp6GFDA) * [Data](https://hackmd.io/mQrjzVjVR_eDQbRZp6GFDA) * [Subscriptions](https://hackmd.io/mQrjzVjVR_eDQbRZp6GFDA) * [Education](https://hackmd.io/mQrjzVjVR_eDQbRZp6GFDA) * Product * [Mobile](https://hackmd.io/mQrjzVjVR_eDQbRZp6GFDA#) * Web3 Stack * Usability * Tokens * TCRs / Token Engineering * Futarchy * Fund Recovery * Signaling ### BUILD Week, ETH Denver and Retreat https://www.ethdenver.com/buidlweek/ https://www.ethdenver.com/ https://www.ethdenver.com/retreat/ ### Questions, Comments, Concerns? Edit this page! Hope to see you soon! ``` let community = create("community") ``` ## Google Form Responses A Google Form was circulated 2 weeks ago to get some initial contacts. Some responses will help provide a feel for the council and are shared below. Names and links were removed out of respect for respondees. If you would like to edit / expand on these responses, feel free to edit this page. ### Suggested Presentations * Moloch * Business models ring, subscription ring, hackey sack ring * Funding Layer 1 R&D -- discussion * Plasma * Education for newcomers * Subscriptions and their future * Web3 usability, profiles? * Token Ring (Security Tokens) * I am interested in hosting a Mobile Ring and a Business Model Ring. Time-permitting, I'm also open to presenting a talk (the talk I applied for giving at ETHDenver is called "Building 3rd-party native mobile dapps for proof of decentralization") or helping with a workshop (in particular, if the Mobile Ring doesn't get enough momentum, this could be converted into a workshop). But the talk and workshop are second-tier priorities behind the rings. * Hosting or helping host the "Data Ring" * Would help facilitate Business Model ring [...] * Happy to do a talk with granular data on dApp adoption content would be something like this [...] * Fund Recovery Ring and Signaling Ring discussions. As of now, I do not know others that will be there in these Rings, but I am happy to lead the discussions. * I facilitate the TCR Community Call [...] Could host conversation on TCR's or Futarchy (done extensive work with Gnosis and Aragon on Futarchy) if more talks/discussion hosts needed. Was actually just checking out EthMagicians to see if it made sense to form a forum for us TCR peeps here. * I would really like to host a Development Cycles Ring. * workshop/ talk : Intro to blockchain, solidity, IPFS * Talk: MythX: Using machine driven security analysis in the Secure Development Life Cycle * rough idea, but would love to engage with ethproduct ring at ethdenver, do an informal workshop perhaps. ### Thoughts on RadicalxChange ![](https://i.imgur.com/H2835X1.png) # Ring notes ## ProgPow / Security Notes: https://hackmd.io/wyH2fmZVQFSMQsnSI9DIsw ## ETH 1.x, Cat Herders, Fund Recovery Notes: https://hackmd.io/tXa1XtPLQlKI91G0J9ktHA#