# REMOTE (WIP) In today's world remote work has become a new normal and many have different opinion towards it. But every year we see raise in remote companies and this eventually is increasing the remote jobs. This book talks about remote work and why it really matters over traditional desk jobs. The traditional offices have become the interruption factory. To get the focused work done people tend to work late or try to reach office early and often I see there are focus rooms in offices to let you work with peace and many employees tend block their calender with focus time to avoid interruption through messages and emails. Remote work has it's own cons & pros, let's explore how exactly will it be being REMOTE :) ## Benefits of moving REMOTE #### Freedom The traditional offices have timings and day is scheduled accordingly working in office is expected to have in person meetings often which needs your calender to be strictly handled and maintained. This causes the pressure of reaching office on time and making sure you attend all your meetings by the end of the day. A day in the office is already pre-defined for you all you have is slots of time to manage your work accordingly. #### Commute In today's world commute as become a very challenging and doing it everyday is definitely tiring. Commute kills one's time, expenditure on the travel i.e. on public transport or vehicle maintainace + fuel. This is also a threat threat to climatic conditions as commuting daily has it's own downsides to the environment. #### No office interruptions Working in office gathers all the employees onto one floor which definitely needs some part of your day for networking and other activities. Working with colleagues in person definitely pulls your attention for socialising and discussions in cafeteria(some of my experiences). Working remotely doesn't grab your attention for socialising and casual discussions on daily basis. #### You have all your time Working from home gives all the time you need as commuting isn't a must and you can better utilise your commute time with family or for your fitness activities as these are the things we tend miss daily due to our busy lives. #### Talent density (Hiring employees from all over the world) Adopting the remote culture doesn't have any geogrphical boundaries. This opens the stage for hiring across the world. This increases the odds of hiring right talent as hiring specific to a city and country is challenging as the required profiles are limited with these constraints. ## What is stopping in moving to REMOTE? #### Trust Issues #### Productivity is achieved through supervision #### Great ideas and work is produced in offices by meeting in person. #### Having an office ## Qualities to work remotely