# U of L Classroom Conversations on Teaching during Covid-19: ## Open Teaching with Open Access and/ or Open Educational Resources (OER) March 16, 2021 --- In March 2021, the U of L Teaching Centre hosted a peer-led faculty PD session, in which local Open Education practitioners shared personal experiences with university participants relating to the creation, adoption and/ or use of OER for teaching. OER were highlighted as high-quality alternatives to commercial teaching materials, which in many cases are evidently more accessible and definitely better tailored to unique teaching contexts at our university. **What the conversation has shown is that the open work at the U of L is very inspiring and the goals of our local Open Education enthusiasts much align with what Robin de Rosa (2020) describes when she writes that:** >"open is a way for us to unflinchingly name the ways that our students and our colleagues are prevented from exercising their ideas, contributing to the shape of knowledge, and changing the structures of an academy that insidiously validates the status quo. And open is a way to highlight a thorny path to something better." _________________________________________________________________ **Susan Findlay** (CHEM&BIOCHEM) [hosts a website through IT](http://scholar.ulethbridge.ca/susanfindlay) for her teaching resources (which unfortunately will soon be closed down and thus definitely needs a valid replacement option; ideally, an institutionally-supported infrastructure). --- **Sean Fitzpatrick** (MATH&CS) [hosts his own server](https://opentext.uleth.ca/) which houses no cost textbooks and homework question banks for many courses in the Math department. Sean demonstrated to participants how his OER exceed publisher quality due to their highly customizable character, high interactivity and accessibility features. Students can access the materials before course start and retain resources after course end. Further recommended resources: https://pretextbook.org --- **Mary Greenshields** (Library) has an invested interested in social justice and equity; and currently uses [an open text for a Library Science course](https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/190) which she’s planning to overhaul and update collaboratively with a Library colleague at the U of A. --- **Bryn Hughes** (MUSI) has been collaborating with colleagues from England and the US to create and recently update a multi-year open textbook on [Music Theory](http://openmusictheory.com/), which combines text with music annotations, sound embeds and other interactive elements. While in the past, the resource was hosted on [Github](https://github.com/openmusictheory/openmusictheory.github.io), it is now in a [Pressbooks](https://viva.pressbooks.pub/openmusictheory/). Bryn was mentioning two openly accessible resources his team was utilizing for his project: the open-source notation software called [Musescore](https://musescore.org/en) and the public-domain music library [IMSLP](https://imslp.org/wiki/Main_Page), where note sheets as well as recordings are available. Bryn mentioned a number of benefits that come with an open textbook, including adaptability and the ability to showcase its inter-institutional use through adoption indicators, reviews and student tracking. Further recommended resources: 1. Music Theory for the 21st Century: https://musictheory.pugetsound.edu/mt21c/MusicTheory.html 1. https://www.matthewschildtmusic.com/Teaching.html 1. BCcampus Open Textbook Repository (Canada) – Info on selection process 1. Open Textbook Library (USA): https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/subjects --- **Raquel Trillia and Luz Janeth Ospina** (MODL) – have been transforming some of the Spanish language courses in response to theCovid-19 transition. Changes include the curriculum and textbooks, which both have been enriching through the creation of workbook elements in form of interactive learning activities [(H5P)](https://h5p.org/) and grammar video tutorials that are and will be available to Spanish language students for reinforcement of learning further practice. Further recommended Spanish resources: 1. eCampus Ontario H5P Studio: https://h5pstudio.ecampusontario.ca/ 1. The H5P Soup Kitchen: https://kitchen.opened.ca/ 1. 2 sets Spanish H5P resources https://uwm.edu/language-resource-center/resources/ --- **Ying Zheng** (CHEM&BIOCHEM) – has written [two textbooks ](https://)(one in cooperation with her student Keith Aiken) (that now come with their own suite of questions for homework) which she has been using in her Biochemistry for the Life Sciences courses. Students can obtain printed copies (in addition to free digital versions) for 25 bucks. --- **Pressbooks** * Pressbooks Directory (listing all active Pressbooks including Bryn’s Music Theory book!) https://pressbooks.directory/ * Alberta Open Education: [Pressbooks Information](https://openeducationalberta.ca/fitfol/chapter/pressbooks/) (open to U of L educators) * Pressbooks for UofL Teaching Staff - [Request Form](https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=wmDTjIsGNk6NtSezV5L1P_aGwox6l55AiWvHfOKaJ3xURFpYNEU2VTRJRERMSFhXRFNXTE1RRVhCQiQlQCN0PWcu) **Meta-search tools to locate suitable OER:** * MasonOER Finder (searches across 21 resources): https://mason.deepwebaccess.com/mason__MasonLibrariesOpenEducationResources_5f4/desktop/en/search.html * OASIS (searches 97 repositories): https://oasis.geneseo.edu/ * Compilation of various OER hosting spaces by themes: https://padlet.com/joerdis/repositories **Events around OER** OEGlobal (Consortium, Conferences, etc) https://www.oeglobal.org/ U of A OE Symposium (all session recordings available): https://www.ualberta.ca/centre-for-teaching-and-learning/events/open-education-events.html **Research around OER** Open Education Group: https://openedgroup.org/ UNESCO: https://en.unesco.org/themes/building-knowledge-societies/oer US PIRG report on Covid-19 impact and OER https://uspirg.org/reports/usp/fixing-broken-textbook-market-third-edition **Reference:** (n.d.). Foreword by Robin DeRosa. In Open Pedagogy Approaches. Retrieved July 29, 2020, from https://milnepublishing.geneseo.edu/openpedagogyapproaches/front-matter/foreward-by-robin-derosa/