# 2023-01-23 Sculpt/Texture/Paint Module Meeting Note: If you're planning to join the meeting, feel free to add talking points to the agenda. ## Attendees - Julien - Joe - Sergey - Daniel ## Announcements ### [Human Base Meshes asset bundle](https://www.blender.org/download/demo-files/) is now online as version 1.0! ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/Syi4spuB2.png) ### Dyntopo Refactor stress testing [temp-sculpt-dyntopo](https://builder.blender.org/download/experimental/) branch is regularly being updated for user testing. ## Agenda ### Needs Commit None :+1: ### [High Priority Bugs](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues?q=&type=all&sort=&state=open&labels=281%2c296%2c285%2c290&milestone=0&project=0&assignee=0&poster=0) - [#106895 - Sculpt Mode: Tip Roundness on Paint brush scales texture outside of bounds](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues/106895) Not a high priority but recent regression because of an incorrect fix. Should probably set to high now. Joe can you check this out again. ### Current Tasks #### [#104613 - WIP: Sculpt: dynamic topology refactor](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/pulls/104613) [Started collecting issues](https://hackmd.io/@JHyBAjeSQFyYQD5sicVWNA/BkhLE1rS3) for stress testing. PR seems exessively large. For an easier and faster reviewing process, isolated changes have to be separated more aggressively. Already split up from other PRs: - Sculpt attribute API - ... Joe: Should be able to be revieable? Geo nodes also made big refactors. New dyntopo is a substancial improvemnt. Sergey: Still needs to be reviewed and touches a lot of other areas. Also need active maintainer. Geo nodes module also works in a team and review changes. Reverse engenering the aptch to see the splitable parts for review is a lot of work too. In its current size the PR would need to at least be outlined into it's individual aprts and dependencies to be reviewable. The reviewers need to udnerstand the PR through docuemntation. Sergey: But even that's not enough. a big patch is not good for bisecting. Core changes could be split from off for smaller patches. There are still things that need to be reverted. The patch should be read through and checked for issues. Possible isolated features? To be removed for now for further review and testing - Inherit Toggle - Yes. Hard code any chagnes for now for optimal brush performance - Weight by Area - Increases remeshing quality? - Detail aware smoothing might be ... - Setting is meant to handle bad topology better - Might be best as an additional feature for better relaxing and redistribution of topology - With better remeshing quality might not be necessary for dyntopo anymore anyway. - Can be looked at another tiem - Rake improvements - Rather small part of the patch - Broken since sculpt-dev? Needs another look in testing - Use for smoother results in edge cases where smooth brush fails. - Testing, desired funcitonality is also a factor in code review. Should be split for now. - Projection slider - Important for topology rake quality - So can be split for now Should stay. - Smooth Boundaries - Very useful tho for dyntopo quality. - Entangled in dyntopo behavior and adding it back might be more complicated in the end - UI and behavior is already as desired - Changes to admins, C make, cusotm data code, etc. Various technical changes seem isolated and should come later. Bmesh boudary collapsing code might aalready be fixed in main. Should eb checked and removed from PR if necessary. New UI changes should also be kept to a minimum. Julie will go over mockups and what's essential. Small smoothing amount is a bug and will be fixed. ### Other Topics #### [#82877 - Enable pen tilt support by default](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues/82877) **Julien:** What's blocking the Tilt Support from getting out of experimental? Could be included in a release for more testing. To me the currently supported brushes all work well. The "Tilt Strength" setting only offsets the rotation of the brush Sculpt Plane. This is a perfectly fine implementation and very useful in cases, but should be clearer in the tooltip. In the future, many sliders should be modulated via not just pen pressure but also tilt, speed, etc (#100137). So it makes sense to be specific what this "Tilt Strength" does. If it looks fine it can be pushed out of experiemntal. Then more testing and bugs can come in on unsupported devices. #### New Community tasks Small tasks that can be done any time by contributors. - [#108105 - Fix operators that affect hidden geometry](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues/108105) - [#108107 - Update sculpt mode symmetry options as properties of meshes](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues/108107) - Already has a commuity contributor who needs advice - [#108109 - Update "Input Samples" settings as brush data](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues/108109) - Needs confirmation that it's straight forward enough to be added as a "Good First Issue." - [#108111 - Update 'dyntopo_detail_size_edit' to support Relative/Brush Detail settings](https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/issues/108111) - Needs more technical and visual direction.