Note: If you're planning to join the meeting, feel free to add talking points to the agenda. ## Attendees - Julien - Joe - Sergey - Daniel - Hans ## Announcements - Meeting on [#109820 - Polishing the Painting Experience]( Small meating with artists at Blender Studio. Goal is to get an overview for a short-term push to resolve most important texture painting issues/features. Daniel will collect his own list and share. ## Agenda ### Needs Commit None ### [High Priority Bugs]( - [#109191 - Dyntopo Smooth Shading Bug]( Joe will look into it ### Current Tasks - [#104613 - WIP: Sculpt: dynamic topology refactor - blender - Blender Projects]( Current progress? Needs to be ready for review asap. Debug code has been marked. Can be removed in review. The debug code might be necessary later on. It should become an official debug code so we can keep it for later. Joe: Small incremental changes were very challenign in the process because of various refactors that happen along the way. - [#105298 - Sculpt/Painting Modes: Revamp Keymap]( Main IC keymap PR is ready. But it's missing testers/stakeholders. ### Other Topics - Face Color Attribute Painting USD importer will support generic attributes soon. Face attributes need support. So painting faces support will be added to vertex paint mode (hehe). Hans hasn't done much work yet. More to be seen. Sculpt mode could get same support as face corner colors were meant to be supported. Would need a bit more work to avoid copy-pasting code. We could eventually finally rename the mode to Attribute Paint mode. (The technical paint mode for any generic attributes) as opposed to Paint/Sculpt Mode (for artistic color related painting). - [#109773 - Creating UV Maps from Face Sets]( New task based on popular request. - [#92944 - Missing Face Set Operators]( What face set operators are missing and actually needed? Converting to material slots is mainly for interfacing with addons. Not needed anymore that much. Keeping the operator simple would be benefitial. Bundled geometry node asset and operators should be the long term golden standard. Invites users to experiment and make blender suit their needs. Hair asset nodes is a good example for what to do there too. Saving and laoding face sets and masks could be first target. Could be a geometry node asset operator in 2 weeks. Could be nice as first test case for geometry node operator in sculpt mode. Performance needs to be tested. Making face sets a public attribute is also an option. Also they are used for tools. That's not ideal. So maybe not that useful if they fluctuate so much. - Joe is trying out a new brush task api. Joe can share something once ready.