# Biweekly report by Genuine Labs Hey TC community! It's been two weeks, and Genuine Labs is back with an update on our efforts to supercharge Terra Classic's growth. The community's overwhelming support and encouragement for Genuine-labs is a great honor for us. We are grateful that you all gave us the opportunity to work on upgrading the Luna Classic chain. Highlights of the past 2 weeks include: - Cosmos-SDK: Bump Cosmos-SDK to 0.47.10. - Wasmd: Bump Wasmd to 0.45.0 - CometBFT: Using v0.37.4. You can find our works here: - Cosmos-SDK: https://github.com/Genuine-labs/cosmos-sdk/tree/dong/v0.47.10-classic - CometBFT: https://github.com/Genuine-labs/terra-classic-cometbft/tree/v0.37.4-classic - Wasmd: https://github.com/Genuine-labs/terra-classic-wasmd/tree/dong/v0.45.0-classic This is just the beginning! Learn more about our work below. ## Cosmos-SDK Adding `isOracleTx` and modify `runTx` codes to adapt to our fork CometBFT `v0.37.4-classic`. Function `isOracleTx` takes a slice of transaction messages and checks if all messages are related to oracle exchange rate pre-voting or voting functionalities within the Terra blockchain. It returns true if all messages are oracle-related, and false otherwise. Function `runTx` now return 5 outputs instead of 4. The additional is `sdk.Tx`. ## CometBFT Update abci types, adding additional `oracleTxs` and `oracleTxsMap` into `CListMempool` struct, which store a linked-list of good oracle txs and a map for quick access to oracle txs to record sender in CheckTx. Modify `ResponseCheckTx` struct, adding `is_oracle_tx` field. Modify `UnconfirmedTxs` function, which will limit unconfirmed transactions. Modify `ReapMaxBytesMaxGas` function, to put oracle txs first and keep the map to prevent duplicate insertion Update Readme and add test for oracle tx. ## Wasmd These are some importants works we've done: - Modify `ExportGenesis` to not include byte code with empty code hash. - Remove operation, contractInfo extension. - Add terra wasm legacy proto and legacy contract iterator - Add param store and code info store migration - Change `KeySequenceCodeID`,`KeySequenceInstanceID` and add `ParamsKey` - Add CodeInfo migration. - Make proto field in optional. - Add `FundCommunityPoolMsg`. - Add basic test for migrate absolute tx. ## Next Steps In the upcoming weeks, we are poised to overcome challenges, complete ongoing tasks, and ensure a seamless deployment of enhanced features. To be more specific, the upcoming tasks for the next two weeks include: - **Core** Repository Upgrade: upgrading the core repository to ensure compatibility with the updated dependencies. - Proto Version Alignment: We will update the Proto definitions to match those of Cosmos SDK v0.47.10 and use **`cosmos-proto`**. - E2E for upgrade test. Thank you for your unwavering support as we navigate challenges and forge ahead to make Terra Classic even more robust and versatile. Best regards, Genuine Labs Team