# OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2022-0621 Agenda: - [Dates for 3.0.0](https://forum.opensearch.org/t/dates-for-3-0-0/9851) - Charlotte - Anomaly and Alerts Integration Updates - Joshua [Meeting Link](https://www.meetup.com/OpenSearch/events/286123419/) **Passcode:** - **012634** Feel free to comment on the agenda before the meeting if you want to add an item or have a question. During the meeting the agenda will be unlocked for collaborative editing / note taking. After the meeting the agenda will be set to read-only mode. ## Chat log 00:15:44 David Tippett: https://forum.opensearch.org/t/dates-for-3-0-0/9851 00:19:15 GSmith: Can you clarify what breaking changes would require a 3.x ? 00:22:35 GSmith: In the forum post, I notice there are multiple future 1.x releases...can you clarify what the plan is for 1.x? Is the plan to support 2 versions (1.x and 2.x) in parallel? 00:24:03 Joshua Bright: https://github.com/opensearch-project/anomaly-detection/issues/476 00:27:06 Charlotte Henkle: GSmith: Yes. It wasn't a going concern when we only had one version, but now that we have 2, we'll be putting out a draft support policy in the next 2 weeks. 00:51:21 Charlotte Henkle: https://github.com/opensearch-project/OpenSearch/issues/2447 00:51:34 SCOTT: i am new on the group. Is there a roadmap of features being looked at for integration - other than the backlog on git? 00:51:59 Ryan Paras: roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/opensearch-project/projects/1 00:52:13 SCOTT: thanks 00:55:32 Joshua Bright: https://opensearchcon.splashthat.com/ 00:55:34 Kris Freedain: https://forum.opensearch.org/t/dates-for-3-0-0/9851 00:55:37 Kris Freedain: https://opensearch.org/blog/community/2022/05/opensearchcon/ 00:55:38 Xenia Tupitsyna: https://opensearchcon.splashthat.com/ 00:56:22 Kris Freedain: Maintainer Month!!! https://maintainermonth.github.com/schedule/opensearch 00:56:27 Andriy Redko: Thank you! 00:56:28 SCOTT: thanks 00:56:30 Ryan Paras: thank you!! 00:56:31 Pandu: thanks 00:56:33 David Tippett: Thanks all! 00:56:37 Kris Freedain: Please be sure to RSVP so you get a link to the meeting/zoom!