# EESSI/SKA sync meeting (2023-09-25) attendees: - Tim Kok (SURF, SKA) - Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, EESSI) - Lara Peeters (HPC-UGent, EESSI) - Caspar van Leeuwen (SURF) - Raymond Oonk (SURF, SKA) ## Notes - Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project - distributing software across nodes used to run software - ~1PB of software per year in LOFA project - SKA will be order of magnitude larger in terms of produced data - mostly high throughput computing - radio astronomy software - mix of software from 70s + bleeding edge - Fortran, Python, BLAS, ... - ~2 month runtime for large dataset (15TB) on 60 cores - container images are mostly built manually (by PhD students) - containers - experience with distributing Singularity containers via CVMFS (since 2014) - both container image files and unpacked images - see for example https://github.com/tikk3r/flocs/tree/fedora-py3/singularity - collaboration between EESSI & SKA - first SKA data should become available in 2026 - ship container images for SKA via EESSI? - reuse build bot effort - reuse detection of host CPU - own ska repo in EESSI (ska.eessi.io)? - letting SKA explore under EESSI umbrella could be interesting in view of potential funding post 2026 for EESSI