# ECSA ECONOMIC PAPERS # # THE ECONOMIC SPACE PROTOCOL - TOWARDS THE INTERNET ECONOMIC SYSTEM **[SESSION 1: Introduction + Design Principles](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/ryOCxvl9I)** Thursday 7.5.2020 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmBERLIN/3amSydney [**SESSION 2: From Capitalist to Post-Capitalist Economy**]( https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/Hy1tFD-q8) Thursday 14.5.2020 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmBERLIN/3amSydney [**SESSION 3: Re-imagining Markets**](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/Bkz20p9qL) Thursday 21.5.2020 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmBERLIN/3amSydney **[SESSION 4: A Value Theory of Performance](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/By5gcXNs8)** Thursday 28.5.2020 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmBERLIN/8pmHELSINKI **[SESSION 5: Tokens in the Economic Space Protocol I](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/HJ_Nh96oI)** Thursday 4.6.2020 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmBERLIN/8pmHELSINKI [**SESSION 6: Feedback + Questions: Tokens in the Economic Space Protocol II**](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/ryt-j5ohL) Thursday 11.6.2020 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmBERLIN/8pmHELSINKI [**SESSION 7: From Commodities to Performances**](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/SyX7MP80L) Thursday 2.7.2020 6amPST/9amEST/3pmBERLIN/11pmSYD [**SESSION 8: Stability, Volatility, Value** ]( https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/SyJRv-zyP) Thursday 9.7.2020 6amPST/9amEST/3pmBERLIN/11pmSYD SESSION 9: ECSA Performance Index & the Big Put Thursday 16.7.2020 6amPST/9amEST/3pmBERLIN/11pmSYD --- PLACE: ECSA ZOOM https://zoom.us/j/2022138511 --- Calendar: [here](https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=MHZuc2NwZzQxZDk4ZjN2NnBzb3J0cGhkcDBfMjAyMDA1MjFUMTcwMDAwWiBmZWxpeC5mcml0c2NoQHNucy5pdA&tmsrc=felix.fritsch%40sns.it&scp=ALL) Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IivZHxdMBb3PKtNDr5QdVg Email: felix.fritsch@sns.it --- **[PARTICIPANTS]( https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/HyBzMvxqI)** --- **[CONCEPTS](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/H13jhDZq8)** --- **[VIDEOS]( https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/BkqOtyxiI)** ___ [**FEEDBACK & QUESTIONS**](https://hackmd.io/@ECSA/HJ-RJsihL) --- A GUIDELINE SESSION LENGHT: 90MIN STRUCTURE & PROCESS: A classic facilitated reading group, going through the reading section by section. Akseli will be the facilitator and introduce each section through discussion/questions about it. Come prepared! If everyone is on the same page it is easy to discuss and share thoughs, ask insightful questions, also difficult ones, to which you or me don't know the answers yet... All inputs, thoughs, and feelings, are very welcome and valuable in working together in a reading group. Also commenting or telling your thoughs later after the session is very welcome, we'll have a place for that here. PARTICIPATING IN A VIRTUAL MEET: We'll be 10-15 people in the session. Not everyone knows each other (but we'll get to know one another, it is a carefully curated group). Please be in on time we'll start on the hour, wear headphones, mute yourself when not speaking, ask for a turn to speak (signal with your hand/in chat), wait for your turn to speak/don't speak on top of others, and use chat/meeting doc for commenting - thanks :). THE SESSIONS ARE RECORDED: We'll be recording the sessions and sharing them privately here to enable also async participation and going back to the interesting moments in the discussion. ---