# RealESALetter Review 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Their Services If you are looking for an emotional support animal letter for your furry friend, you might have come across RealESALetter. With the rise in demand for emotional support animals (ESAs), many companies have started offering ESA letter services online. However, not all of them are reliable and legitimate. ![](https://i.imgur.com/gOhJYKF.png) | **Pros** | **Cons** | |:--------------------- |:-----------------------:| | Affordable prices | Questionable legitimacy | | Quick turnaround | Rejected ESA letters | | 24/7 customer support | | In this article, we will review RealESALetter and their services to help you make an informed decision. ## What is RealESALetter? RealESALetter is an online platform that provides emotional support animal letter services to individuals who qualify for them. They claim to offer quick and affordable services, with a team of licensed healthcare professionals who are available 24/7 to assist their clients. ## How does RealESALetter work? To get an ESA letter from RealESALetter, you need to follow a simple three-step process: * Fill out an online questionnaire that assesses your eligibility for an ESA letter. * Consult with a licensed healthcare professional via phone or video call. * Receive your ESA letter via email within 48 hours of approval. ## What services does RealESALetter offer? RealESALetter offers the following services: * Emotional Support Animal Letters: They provide ESA letters for both housing and travel purposes, which are valid for one year. * ESA Registration: They offer an optional registration service for your emotional support animal to ensure that your ESA is recognized and protected by law. * ESA Accessories: They also offer a variety of accessories for your ESA, such as vests, tags, and collars. ## Is RealESALetter legitimate? Yes, RealESALetter is a legitimate service. They claims to have a team of licensed healthcare professionals who are authorized to provide ESA letters. However, there have been some concerns about the legitimacy of their services. Some critics argue that they do not conduct thorough assessments of their clients' mental health conditions, which is a requirement for issuing ESA letters. Additionally, some customers have reported that their ESA letters were rejected by landlords or airlines, which raises questions about the validity of RealESALetter's services. ## How much does RealESALetter cost? RealESALetter offers affordable prices for their services. The cost of an ESA letter for housing or travel purposes is $119, while the cost of both letters is $149. ## What are the pros of using RealESALetter? After the medical consultation, if the therapist determines that you qualify for an emotional support animal, you will receive your ESA letter. The letter is usually sent within 24-48 hours of the consultation. You can either receive a digital copy of the letter or a hard copy by mail. The ESA letter is legally binding and complies with the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. This means that you can bring your emotional support animal with you wherever you go without being charged extra fees. ## Conclusion RealESALetter offers affordable and convenient ESA letter services for individuals who qualify for them. However, there have been concerns about the legitimacy of their services, which is a crucial factor to consider before using their services. It is recommended to do thorough research and consider other options before choosing RealESALetter for your ESA letter needs. ## Frequently Asked Questions: ### What is an emotional support animal (ESA)? An emotional support animal (ESA) is a pet that provides emotional support to an individual with a mental or emotional disability. ### How do I qualify for an ESA letter? To qualify for an ESA letter, you need to have a mental or emotional disability that is recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). You also need to have a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. ### Can I use my ESA letter for both housing and travel purposes? RealESALetter offers ESA letters for both housing and travel purposes, which are valid for one year. ### Is ESA registration necessary? ESA registration is not required by law, but it can help ensure that your emotional support animal is recognized and protected by law. RealESALetter offers an optional ESA registration service for an additional fee. ### What should I do if my ESA letter is rejected? If your ESA letter is rejected by a landlord or airline, you can appeal the decision or seek legal assistance. It is important to ensure that your ESA letter is legitimate and issued by a licensed healthcare professional.