# BrightSide Finance Documentation ## Introduction ### What is BrightSide Finance? BrightSide Finance is a Dapp platform and ecosystem built for Algorand community. We are a DEX, a stable swap and a liquidity DAO purpose-built to lead the way for Algorand’s DeFi expansion. ### In which network/blockchain will BrightSide run? BrightSide will be deployed over the new EVM-based Milkomeda A1, which is an Algorand rollup. Milkomeda is a groundbreaking new protocol that brings EVM capabilities to non-EVM blockchains like Algorand. It is developed by dcSpark — critical infrastructure providers for the Cardano and Solana ecosystems and founded by ex-EMURGO members. EVM-based rollup connected to Algorand is ready to be rolled out. Milkomeda introduces wrapped smart contracts and utilizes wrapped Algo as a base asset for fees and gas costs. ### Why Algorand? Algorand is one of the most technologically advanced layer 1 (L1) solutions on the market. The chain is fast, decentralized, developer friendly, flexible and is on track to be the one of the very few blockchains to solve the Blockchain Trilemma. Algorand has invested the time into cultivating truly innovative teams in the space and has built a protocol that can rapidly outpace its competitors. However, it simply lacks a sufficient dApp ecosystem to warrant the liquidity inflows needed to bring it up to par with its peers. It needs a key dApp which is capable of attracting users and their liquidity - without this Algorand risks being left behind. ### What does BrightSide bring to the table? Algorand needs a robust catalyst to bring the ecosystem back on track towards $1B in Total Value Locked and BrightSide Finance is going to be the supreme secure AMM liquidity engine to generate the positive momentum for the entire ecosystem. The team has spent hundreds of man hours constructing a protocol capable of meeting both the current and future needs of Algorand users. ## Bridge Testnet Guide ### Wallets set up The first step for testing purposes on the BrightSide DEX is to set up the wallets environment. You first need to have installed and ready a [Metamask](https://metamask.io/) wallet for the Milkomeda A1 side and for the Algorand network we strongly recommend a testnet [MyAlgo](https://wallet.myalgo.com/access) wallet because its compatibility with the Milkomeda A1 bridge. ### Obtaining Test Algo It is mandatory to get some test-Algo (tAlgo) tokens, because it is needed in order to pay transaction fees over the DEX once they are bridged. You can get them by visiting the [official Algorand testnet dispenser](https://testnet.algoexplorer.io/dispenser). Paste your testnet wallet address in the input field, hit the Captcha checkmark and finally hit the “Dispense” button ![](https://i.imgur.com/6BtmbLX.png) After waiting a few minutes (usually 2 minutes or less), you should be able to see some tALGO in your Algorand Testnet wallet. ![](https://i.imgur.com/01wu92u.png) ### Configuring Metamask Wallet Now we need an address on the Milkomeda Algorand Testnet Rollup where we can receive our MilkTALGO (this is the ticker of the tALGO token that will be bridged from Algorand testnet). In your Metamask wallet, from the dropdown list at the top right, select “Add Network” and enter the following: * Network Name: Milkomeda Algorand Testnet * New RPC URL: https://rpc-devnet-algorand-rollup.a1.milkomeda.com * Chain ID: 200202 * Currency Symbol (Optional): milkTALGO * Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://testnet-algorand-rollup.a1.milkomeda.com Click “Save”, and you should now see "Milkomeda Algorand Testnet" in the network dropdown. ### Bridging for Testing In order to bridge your test ALGO (tALGO) from Algorand testnet to Milkomeda Algorand Testnet you will need to visit the [official bridge site](https://algorand-bridge.milkomeda.com/). Switch between Mainnet and Devnet in the top right corner. ![](https://i.imgur.com/t2xOzVA.png) ### Connecting the Wallets The next step is to log in to your MyAlgo and MetaMask wallets. Click “Connect Wallet” on the Origin side and your MyAlgo wallet (or Pera wallet) will require you to enter your password and confirm which account to connect to the dApp. Click “Connect Wallet” on the Destination side of the dApp and your Metamask wallet will ask you to confirm that you want to switch networks (if you are not already connected to it) to the Milkomeda A1 network. Enter how many test ALGOs you want to transfer to the A1 rollup. Click “Next” to view a transaction summary, complete with “Estimated Fees” and an “Estimated Wrapping Confirmation Time”. ### Confirming the Bridging Click “Sign and Send”, enter your wallet password, and hit confirm. Now watch as your tokens get sent to the bridge, wrapped, and sent to your MetaMask wallet on the Milkomeda Algorand A1 Rollup! ![](https://i.imgur.com/OL6u4hm.jpg) ### Bridge Success The process should take around 20 seconds to confirm. ![](https://i.imgur.com/AUTpLYr.png) Once the transaction is confirmed, the transferred tALGO should be visible in your Milkomeda Algorand Testnet wallet in MetaMask as MILKTALGO ![](https://i.imgur.com/2lzcQ4K.png) ## BrightSide User Guide Time to try those things live! We have deployed a test version of the BrightSide DEX, we would like our community to get in and test our Dapp before releasing it on the Milkomeda A1 rollup mainnet. You will be able to test some exciting functionalities like Swaps, Farming, Zzapping and Pools creation from the very beginning, as well as getting familiar with our User Interface (we are more than happy to hear your feedback!), so let's go with some How-to key points. ### How to Connect my Wallet to BrightSide? First step is going ahead with the [official Dapp site](https://app.brightside.finance/swap). Connect your previously installed and configured Metamask wallet by hiting the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right of the UI. Confirm the prompts of the wallet asking to connect the site with your Metamask account. **Important Note:** Please remember that you need to have configured the Milkomeda Algorand Testnet network in your Metamask wallet, if you have not done it yet, please visit the "Configuring Metamask Wallet" section of this document ![](https://i.imgur.com/DLxeCo1.jpg) ### How to do a swap on BrightSide? **Important Note:** Before proceeding with any transaction on BrightSide DEX, please remember you will need test ALGO funds on your Milkomeda Algorand Testnet wallet address for paying the transactions fees, if you don't know how to obtain it, please visit the "Bridging for Testing" section of this document Click the “Swap” button located at the top of the UI and the typical swapping box will show up displaying automatically your MILKTALGO funds, it will be visible as mALGO on the Dapp. Now, in order to perform a swap you need to pick a pair of tokens from the dropdown list (remember you must own some funds of at least one token of the pair), we have created some test tokens predefined for these testing purposes. For this guide we will swap some test Algo for some test BRIGHT tokens. ![](https://i.imgur.com/N3B0g1T.png) Before proceeding with the swap you can play around by adjusting some swap parameters like slippage and the transaction deadline by clicking on the top right gear of the swap box. ![](https://i.imgur.com/BFAps9c.png) Once you are ready to swap, click on the “Swap Anyway” button at the bottom of the Swap box and a second prompt will show up asking for confirmation, such screen displays detailed information about the swap transaction you are about to submit - please review it and hit the “Confirm Swap” button when you are ready. ![](https://i.imgur.com/Y400NnM.png) After that a transaction approval will be present on your Metamask wallet, review the transaction one more time and click the “Confirm” button, after that a screen of transaction submitted will show up on the DEX with a button asking for adding the newly purchased token (test BRIGHT in our case), click on such button and confirm it on your Metamask wallet, then just await for the transaction confirmation. ![](https://i.imgur.com/Gh4Q9f9.png) Once the Swap transaction is confirmed on the Milkomeda Algorand Testnet network, the funds will be displayed both on the DEX UI and in your Metamask wallet. ![](https://i.imgur.com/5KCuiLN.png) ![](https://i.imgur.com/3r4129x.png) ### How to provide liquidity on BrightSide? In order to provide liquidity on BrightSide DEX you can pick one of two ways: "traditional" or through Zapping (see below). To provide liquidity on two assets you have on your wallet, head to ["Pool"](https://app.brightside.finance/pool) section of the [BrightSide App](https://app.brightside.finance/), find your desired liquidity pair on the list and click "Add liquidity": ![](https://i.imgur.com/VVHXE2a.png) If you cannot see the pair on the list, use the "Provide Liquidity" button on top of the list and pick two tokens: ![](https://i.imgur.com/7qyJDJ5.png) Then, if you add the liquidity for given pair for the first time, you need to Approve token spending via your MetaMask: ![](https://i.imgur.com/S7dRrcJ.png) Confirm transaction, the button will change its name to "Supply". Click it, review transaction details and confirm it in MetaMask. You can immediately add the Liquidity Token to your MetaMask by a one-click solution: ![](https://i.imgur.com/mDxbtYd.png) To make things even easier, instead of the way described above, you can directly click the "Zapp" button: ![](https://i.imgur.com/VVHXE2a.png) ### What is Zzapping and how to use it? Zzapping is an unique feature to make BrightSide users' life easier! One does not need to worry about having specific tokens in the exactly prepared proportions before providing liquidity. Zzap does all the work in the background. What's more, **your new Liquidity Tokens immediately take part in farming for maximum capital efficiency - all in one transaction!** Just head to the "[Zzap](https://app.brightside.finance/zzap)" section on the [BrightSide App](https://app.brightside.finance/zzap), pick the asset you own and desired Liquidity Pair (from the "Select LT" dropdown list). ![](https://i.imgur.com/FZawRwS.png) Then, enter desired amount you plan to provide liquidity with and hit "Zzap" - check the details of transaction, confirm it in your MetaMask wallet. Now your funds will be automatically swapped and exchanged for appropriate amount of liquidity tokens of chosen pair & farmed (if particular pair is eligible for farming rewards). Easy and fast, isn't it. ![](https://i.imgur.com/UADQLro.png) ### Farming on BrightSide Farmers, welcome! There is going to be a huge amount of yield to harvest on BrightSide Finance. After you provided liquidity using Zzapping feature - you are already farming your Liquidity Tokens for optimal returns! If you used the traditional way, put your Liquidity Tokens to work! Head to "[Farm](https://app.brightside.finance/farm)" section on the [BrightSide App](https://app.brightside.finance/). Choose a pool from the list - you can instantly see the estimated APY and other details on the page: ![](https://i.imgur.com/VRW9ZX3.png) Now, just click the "Farm" button. Choose the amount of LT tokens you wish to farm (or click "max"), approve spending in your MetaMask wallet: ![](https://i.imgur.com/RokYEpb.png) After Approval is given, the button changes its name to "Stake". Click it, review transaction details and click "Stake" again. ![](https://i.imgur.com/JdI6wyX.png) Confirm transaction in your wallet - and that's it. Good job, Farmer! ## $BRIGHT Token ### Is there any governance token for BrightSide Finance? Yes, $BRIGHT token is the basic utility and governance token for BrightSide Finance. The $BRIGHT token will act as a governance token for the DAO that operates the BrightSide DEX. This is a vital component of ensuring that the DEX will be truly decentralized. The DAO votes, using the $BRIGHT token, will control the staking rewards delivered by each pool. ### What is the $BRIGHT token utility? The token will have a variety of utility functions. Some will be released on the first stage after the Dapp is live, some will be added on other stages of the development, and others will be part of the long term plan. As part of the plan after the Dapp release we have: * $BRIGHT-powered voting (governance) * Liquidity mining - various pools, different weights - based on user votes * Multi-coin liquidity mining for farming several tokens at the same time * $BRIGHT staking for earning additional $BRIGHT * $BRIGHT buybacks and distribution across stakers As part of the long term plan: * Bribe-me contracts for borrowing $BRIGHT to boost pool’s rewards * Time-lock boosts on farming and voting power for $BRIGHT stakers ### $BRIGHT Tokenomics ![](https://i.imgur.com/a4NwTmg.jpg) ## Terms of Service **BrightSide Disclaimer and Website Use Terms** The BrightSide protocol is a decentralized peer-to-peer computer service protocol that users can access to provide digital asset liquidity, trade Algorand tokens or tokens of other blockchains with other users, and perform other tasks. The Protocol is a software including a set of immutable and autonomous smart contracts deployed on the Milkomeda A1 blockchain. Your use of the BrightSide Protocol involves various significant risks, including, but not limited to, financial loss while digital assets are being supplied to the Protocol and financial loss due to the fluctuation of prices of tokens in a trading pair or liquidity pool. Before using the BrightSide Protocol, you should closely review the relevant documentation to make sure that you understand how the Protocol works and the risks of your use of the Protocol. The Protocol may be accessed through many web or mobile computer service interfaces; you are responsible for doing your own diligence regarding such interfaces to understand the fees and risks that they present. Although BrightSide Finance developed much of the initial software code for the BrightSide Protocol, it does not provide, own, or control the BrightSide Protocol, which is run independently by smart contracts deployed on the Milkomeda A1 blockchain. The Protocol does not constitute an account by which BrightSide or any other third parties act as financial intermediaries or custodians. While the software code has undergone beta testing and continues to be improved by feedback from the developer community, open-source contributors and beta-testers, we cannot guarantee that there will be no bugs in the Protocol. Upgrades and modifications to the Protocol are managed in a community-driven way by holders of BRIGHT, the BrightSide token. As a condition of your use of the BrightSide website or any third party website connecting to it (collectively the “Site”), you agree that you: (i) are at least 18 years of age; (ii) are not barred from using the Protocol, the Site, or any connected services under any law applicable to you; (iii) will not interfere with the intended operation of the Protocol or Site, including by hacking, submitting a virus, fraudulent information or tokens, or attempting to overload, “flood,” or “crash” the Protocol or Site; and (iv) you are, and your use of the Protocol is and will be, in compliance at all times with all laws, rules, regulations or orders applicable to you. Effective Price is an approximate value. Slippage permissions can be anything. We are limited to one transaction per block - your exchange may be in the line for a while. THE PROTOCOL, THE SITE AND ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE SITE, ARE MADE ACCESSIBLE OR AVAILABLE ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS. YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT USE OF THE SITE OR THE PROTOCOL IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWED BY APPLICABLE LAW, NONE OF BRIGHTSIDE FINANCE, ITS SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, AND PARTNERS, OR ANY DEVELOPER, EMPLOYEE, AGENT OR LICENSOR ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THEM, WARRANT THAT USE OF THE SITE OR PROTOCOL WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, FULLY SECURE, VIRUS- OR ERROR-FREE, NOR DO THEY MAKE ANY WARRANTY AS TO THE RESULTS THAT MAY BE OBTAINED FROM USE OF THE SITE OR THE PROTOCOL. EACH OF THE FOREGOING HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE PROTOCOL, THE SITE OR ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE SITE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THOSE OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, SUITABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AS WELL AS WARRANTIES IMPLIED FROM A COURSE OF PERFORMANCE OR COURSE OF DEALING. IN NO EVENT SHALL BRIGHTSIDE FINANCE, ITS SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, AND PARTNERS, OR ANY DEVELOPER, EMPLOYEE, AGENT OR LICENSOR ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THEM, BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO: (I) YOUR USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE PROTOCOL, OR THE SITE, OR INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE SITE, (II) YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH OTHER USERS, OR (III) THESE USE TERMS; INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO (A) DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, AND (B) LOSS OF REVENUES, PROFITS, GOODWILL, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, TOKENS OR ANYTHING ELSE OF VALUE. ## Privacy Policy **BrightSide Privacy Policy** BrightSide Finance , as well as any present or future affiliated or related company (“BrightSide”, “us” or “we”), recognizes the importance of your privacy. This privacy policy tells you what personal information we collect and how we use it. BrightSide may change this privacy policy from time to time, in its sole discretion, as discussed in section 8 below. By using or visiting any BrightSide website ("Site"), you understand and agree to the terms of this policy. Please read this policy carefully. 1. What Information Do We Collect? a. Personally-Identifiable Information: We only collect personally identifiable information when you specifically and knowingly provide it to us, for example when you provide personal information such as your email address, name, phone number, or other information. Personally identifiable information includes, where applicable, “personal data”, “personal information” and/or “sensitive personal information” each as defined in applicable law, and excludes staking addresses or payment addresses. We ask that you not send us, and you do not disclose, any sensitive personal data (e.g., social security numbers, information related to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, biometrics or genetic characteristics, criminal background or trade union membership). We collect and use your personally-identifiable information to provide customer service or provide updates or information you request. This policy does not apply to the privacy practices of third parties or protocols that we do not own or control, including but not limited to any decentralized exchange, third party websites, or other applications to which the BrightSide website may link or otherwise reference. If you communicate with us via any BrightSide website, you will have agreed to provide your personally identifiable information in order to respond to your communication. This consent provides us with the legal basis we require under applicable law to process your data. You maintain the right to withdraw such consent at any time. b. Non-Personally-Identifiable Information: Non-personally identifiable information is information which does not permit you to be identified or identifiable either by itself or in combination with other information available to a third party, such as a website that referred you to us, your IP address, browser type and language, hardware types, geographic location, log data, and access times and durations. We do not presently collect any non-personally identifiable information. c. Cookies, Pixels and Local Storage: We do not collect information using “cookies”, which are small data files stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device by a website. We enable local storage, but that information is saved locally to your browser only and not shared with us. 2. What Do We Do With The Information That We Collect? Except as disclosed in this policy, BrightSide does not share or sell your personal information to any outside parties. a. BrightSide will use the personally identifiable information directly provided by you solely for the purpose for which you have provided it, which may include: to respond to your comments and questions and to provide customer service; with your consent, to send you information emails about products and services offered by us and our affiliates. You may opt-out of receiving such information at any time; such informational emails tell you how to “opt-out”; and as we believe necessary or appropriate (a) to comply with applicable laws; (b) to comply with lawful requests and legal process, including to respond to requests from public and government authorities; (c) to enforce this Policy or our Disclaimer, enforce agreements, or resolve disputes between users; and (d) to protect our rights, privacy, safety or property, and/or that of you or others. We may share this information with service providers who perform Services on our behalf. Those companies will be permitted to obtain only the personal information they need to provide the service they provide, will be required to maintain the confidentiality of the information, and will be prohibited from using it for any other purpose. We will only retain your personally identifiable information as long as reasonably required unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law (for example, for regulatory purposes). b. Disclosure: As a general rule, BrightSide will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information except under one of the following circumstances: we have your permission, including the permission granted by your acceptance of this policy; we determine in good faith that it is legally required to be revealed by any relevant statute, regulation, ordinance, rule, administrative or court order, decree, or subpoena; it is information that we determine must be disclosed to correct what we believe to be false or misleading information or to address activities that we believe to be manipulative, deceptive or otherwise a violation of law; where we need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested; when such disclosure is made subject to confidentiality restrictions in connection with a sale, merger, transfer, exchange, or other disposition (whether of assets, stock, or otherwise) of all or a portion of the business conducted by BrightSide. 3. Your Rights Consistent with applicable law, you may exercise any of the rights described in this section. Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity and request before taking action on your request. a. Rectification of Inaccurate or Incomplete Information. You have the right to ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal information about you. b. Data Access and Portability. In some jurisdictions, applicable law may entitle you to request certain copies of your personal information held by us. You may also be entitled to request copies of personal information that you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and/or request us to transmit this information to another service provider (where technically feasible). c. Data Retention and Erasure. We generally retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide you the Service and to comply with our legal obligations. In certain jurisdictions, you can request to have all your personal information deleted entirely. Please note that if you request the erasure of your personal information: We may retain some of your personal information as necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud detection and prevention and enhancing safety. We may retain and use your personal information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations. For example, for tax, legal reporting and auditing obligations. Because we maintain the Service to protect from accidental or malicious loss and destruction, residual copies of your personal information may not be removed from our backup systems for a limited period of time. d. Withdrawing Consent and Restriction of Processing. If we are processing your personal information based on your consent you may withdraw your consent at any time by sending a communication to us specifying which consent you are withdrawing. e. Objection to Processing. In some jurisdictions, applicable law may entitle you to require us not to process your personal information for certain specific purposes (including profiling) where such processing is based on legitimate interest. If you object to such processing we will no longer process your personal information for these purposes unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for such processing or such processing is required for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. Where your personal information is processed for information-sharing purposes, you may, at any time, ask us to cease processing your data for these information-sharing purposes by sending an e-mail to our support. Lodging Complaints. You have the right to lodge complaints about our data processing activities by filing a complaint with us via email or with a supervisory authority. 4. Children's Policy Users must be (i) 18 or older, or (ii) 13 and older if either (a) an emancipated minor, or (b) he/she possess legal parental or guardian consent. BrightSide does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from users under 13. In the event that we learn that we have collected any personal information from a user under the age of 13, we will attempt to identify and delete that information from our database. 5. International Usage The Service is owned by BrightSide and may be accessed in the United States and abroad. For data protection purposes, BrightSide is the controller and, unless otherwise noted, is also the processor of data. Information collected may be retained, and may be stored, processed, accessed, and used in jurisdictions whose privacy laws may be different and less protective than those of your home jurisdiction. If you are located outside of the United States, please note that any information you provide to us may be transferred to the United States. By using the Service, application and/or website, you consent to such transfer. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Policy. 6. California Privacy Rights California law permits users who are California residents to request and obtain from us once a year, free of charge, a list of the third parties to whom we have disclosed their personal information (if any) for their direct marketing purposes in the prior calendar year, as well as the type of personal information disclosed to those third parties. See the “Contact Us” section below for where to send such requests. 7. Security and Encryption We follow generally accepted industry standards to help protect your personal information. No method of transmission over the internet, mobile technology, or method of electronic storage, is completely secure. Therefore, while we endeavor to maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality of the information that we collect online, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if you feel that the security of any account you might have with us has been compromised), please immediately notify us of the problem by contacting us at support channels 8. Changes to This Policy We reserve the right to change the terms of this privacy policy at any time. When we make changes, we will revise the “last updated” date at the top of the policy. If there are material changes to this statement or in how we will use your personal information, we will notify you by prominently posting a notice of such changes here or on our home page. We encourage you to review this policy whenever you visit one of our websites or applications. 9. Contact Us For general inquiries or communications, or to delete information or exercise any right or to opt-out of use of your data for information-sharing,contact us in our support channels. ### Further Support - Contact Us * Website: https://brightside.finance/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrightSide_fi * Medium: https://medium.com/brightside-finance * Telegram: https://t.me/BrightSideNews * Discord: https://discord.gg/ZvrMHntdyX