## GCC2021 BoF "Boost the diversity in your community" # Outreachy and other internship-mentorship initiatives This is a shared document for collaborative notes from the BoF session. **Please feel free to edit**. 😊 Also after the BoF! This document will stay alive (just not anymore linked from *sched*). Outside of the BoF, let's also chat in the GCC2021 **Slack channel [#bof-interns](https://gcc2021.slack.com/archives/C0271T28L8M)**. There is also a dedicated **sofa table** in the **[Galactic Cafe](https://live.remo.co/e/galaxy-social-event), Floor 2** (**Outreachy** table), to hang around before and after the BoF, and whenever during the GCC. 🛋 --- ## How to edit in HackMD If you see this page in **view mode**, what you probably do after opening it, click on the *Edit* button **on the top of the window**. Later you can always do either of the following to enable editing: 1. **Edit mode**: Ctrl+Alt+E, or click the *button with a pencil* on the **top left of the window** to switch to edit mode 2. **Both mode**: Ctrl+Alt+B, or click the *button with a square* with a vertical line in the middle (among the 3 buttons on the **top left of the window**). Nice with a big-enough screen. ![](https://i.imgur.com/pJ5Fu6T.png) --- ## Roll call Please add yourself to the list to network and exchange contacts. 🌷🌼🌻 (And please feel free to opt out or stay anonymous if you wish so🐱‍👤) **N.B.:** The link to this document will be removed from *sched* after the BoF, to keep contacts private. Please feel free to save or bookmark. It will be shared on the private Slack and on the provided contact channels. 🐙 - **name / pronouns / location or affiliation / future or past intern or mentor? / preferred contact option** (*all fields **optional***!) - Melissa Black / she/her / São Paulo, BR, trying to relocate to Southern California, US / Outreachy intern with EDAM / gitter @melibleq, twitter @melissablck - Hager Eldakroury / she/her / Cairo, Egypt / EDAM / Outreachy intern / @HagerDakroury gitter, @hagereldakroury twitter - Matúš Kalaš / apapronominal / Uni Bergen, Norway; EDAM / fresh mentor / Gitter+Twitter @matuskalas - Kanguru 🦘 / ey/em / looking for internship - Anne Fouilloux / she/her / University of Oslo, Norway / / Twitter @AnneFouilloux - Hervé Ménager / he/him / Institut Pasteur, Paris, France / fresh mentor as well / gitter @hmenager or email herve.menager@pasteur.fr - Dave Clements / he / Eugene Oregon US / dunno! / clements@galaxyproject.org - Suchitra Thapa/she/Kathmandu,Nepal/Not applicable/suchitrathapa69@gmail.com - - --- ## Meeting minutes, questions **Please feel free to Q&A, chat, note**, also after the BoF! This document will stay alive (just not anymore linked from a fully public place). 🧲 Are you interested in bringing **new talents to your community** or just curious how it works? - Outreachy is all about **talents** and **diversity** - Outreachy requirement: open source or open content - Outreachy is about any of the following: - Coding - Design <- high demand among intern applicants! - Content writing - Community coordination, events organisation - Too few science communities <- high demand among intern applicants! - Too few non-coding projects (not ncRNA👩🏽‍🔬😅) - High demand especially for Python & JS coding, on ALL levels - There was only 1 community and 1 project about education/training, with many interested applicants! 🔮 Or are you an intern or **internship applicant wanting to contribute** to open source and open science, and to meet others? - Apply to become an Outreachy internship seeker! Requirements: - Above 18 years of age (no upper limit) - No need to be a student! - Not having another (full-time) job during the 3 months of the internship - Very popular for people changing careers, but also for students and finishing students, and freelancers - There are projects for ALL levels of expertise (incl. beginners) - Even if not getting an internship, the active contribution phase is a great learning & networking experience! (and certainly includable in your CV) 📖 Or do you perhaps want to discuss **how to be a mentor**, with other fresh mentors-in-progress? - Time commitment is crucial for good mentorship - Co-mentoring is excellent. Never mentor alone! 😅 - Additional: Regular meeting between co-mentors are crucial! - Even more regular meetings with interns are the best (for most interns)