###### tags: `data centre move` # Data Centre Move - Community Platform Engineering Hi Everyone, As you may or may not be aware, last year Red Hat took the decision to move datacenters in 2020. The lease on the current datacentre in Phoenix was due to expire in 2020 and Red Hat negotiated a better lease with a provider in Northern Virginia. This datacentre is home to Fedora servers. So, what does this mean for you as a Fedora user? Very little we hope! The Community Plaform Engineering team have been working closely with Red Hat IT to plan logisitics, and other 'fun stuff' to make sure this move is successful and as undisruptive to everyone as possible. During this planning phase, we identified a need to have a minimum viable fedora offering in place during some key dates to facilitate the move, and allow for the shipment of hardware that is integral to Fedora Infrastructure without halting development - or a whole infrastructure! Here is the link to the discussion that was sent to the public lists in case you missed it on what a Minimum Viable Fedora would look like: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/infrastructure@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/PN6RL7XT3V7DVC7MK46H3QDEJPL5FRI6/ The CPE team will be refocusing on this problem to begin technical development of this offering so we are ready to deploy it at the appropriate time. But for now, here is a very high level view of the Data Centre move outline, and how it will impact you: ### The Community Platform Engineering Team will move in two 'waves' * **Wave 1:** Week begining April 13th, the CPE team will move an initial batch of servers from Phoenix, Arizona -> Northern Virginia * This will not affect the Fedora 32 release aimed for late April. * However, during the period of 20th March - 3rd of July we would ask you to observe an 'infra-freeze', meaning no new applications deployments and all code changes reviewed by the sysadmin team before deployment. * During April 20th - May 20th, the Community Platform Team will be working on bringing up a minimal viable Fedora solution for continuity of important services in Fedora for development * Between May 20th - June 1st, the CPE team will bring the new temporary offering up and redirect services to this instance while the main servers for Fedora are brought down and ready to be shipped. * **Wave 2:** Between June 1st - 15th, The Community Platform Team will ship all remaining hardware from the Phoenix Datacentre to the new one in Washington. * Between May 20th - July 3rd, Fedora services will run on the Minimum Viable Fedora offering to facilitate a successful move of equipment across country! * As equipment arrives in the new datacenter, the CPE team will be bring ing back services on the new networks and equipment. As with all major moves there will be delays and changes we will only see as we get the services back. * We are hopefully, and quietly confident, that we will be able to resume Business As Usual (BAU) in Fedora Infrastructure, and have Fedora up and running in early July. #### Expected Effects during Move: * There will be a very limited number of builders during this time frame. * Builds will be slower. * Composes will be slower. * Services like koschei will be turned off. * Services will be 'cramped' with less resources than usual. * Searches in koji and other tools will be slower. * Some applications like badges, voting and calendaring may not be available at all. * Tickets will be slower to resolve. Most CPE engineers will be focusing on rebuilding services in the new center so other requests not involved with that will be put on the backlog. #### Disclaimers: * As we move through this project, our dates may change, both for the better and sometimes for the worst so please take the above dates as a *fairly good* estimate for now. * We will be including as many real-time updates on the datacentre move in our weekly emails to the infra and devel lists. * And while we are planning for as little disruption as possible, there may be downtime during this move so we will endeavor to get ahead of it with messgaing out to you all for awareness. We would finally like to thank you all for your understanding and most of all your patience during the key dates of April 20th - July 3rd so that we can facilitate a successful move. Please dont hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and we will do our best to answer all the ones we know, and follow up on the ones we dont! Thank you on behlaf of the CPE team. Aoife Moloney Product Owner, Community Platform Engineering Red Hat E:amoloney@redhat.com IRC: amoloney