In this world full of crime, it would be difficult to find a completely crime-free country. But we can rank them and check which one is better than others in terms of safety. The crime rate of the country. Nuclear capabilities of that country. How to rank the countries according to safety [Most safest countries in the world]( are evaluated by the global peace index number which is calculated based on different factors out of some are listed below: Number of death that occurs due to violence Environmental conditions Relation with neighbourhood countries and many more. Based on the above factors, the global peace index (GPI) is calculated. Controls are ranked according to GPI. The safer one will have a higher GPI and the lower GPI is a dangerous one. In the last decades, the top ranks are mostly occupied by European countries. Top safest countries Continuously from the last several years Safest place in the world is Iceland due to its high GPI value followed by New Zealand and Iceland. Conclusion Through GPI you can check whether the country you are planning to visit is the safest country to live in or not.