# Unimat Traffic USA - What Are Speed Bump Types? Speed bumps are designed to slow down traffic and reduce accident rates. These devices are usually used in parking lots or in areas with pedestrian traffic. The most common types are a three-foot-high model and a three-foot-wide model. Both have a similar height and a gradual slope. They can be installed in asphalt or concrete grounds. They are usually installed in pairs or triplets. The purpose of these devices is to help people and cars get closer to each other, while slowing down their speeds. A speed bump is a raised area on a road that is intended to slow down traffic. Most are three to four inches high and one to three feet long. Their main function is to reduce the speed of vehicles to between fifteen and twenty miles per hour. Another type of bump is known as a speed humps, which is similar to a lane divider. A lane separation is also possible. In addition, both types of dividers are placed at equal distances on both sides of the roadway. The main advantage of speed humps is that they slow down vehicles faster and prevent more collisions. The bumps are usually bolted into the ground and can be easily removed. However, it is important to get permission from the landowner or governing body before installing one. Once you have received the green light, you can start working on a traffic calming plan. You can talk to the experts at Transline for more information. Speed humps are an effective way to slow down vehicles and reduce injuries. They are typically installed on rural roads, and are not a permanent fixture. They are often installed on public roads to slow traffic. You can order them online from a company such as Unimat traffic USA. Once you decide which kind of speed humps are right for your property, make sure you read the manufacturer's warranty policy. There are many companies that sell these products online. Speed humps are also a useful traffic control device. They can cause a sudden jolt to a vehicle when it reaches a certain speed limit. These devices can reduce the amount of traffic in a town or city. They can also slow down emergency vehicles. They can also reduce noise pollution. While speed humps can be beneficial for drivers, they can also slow down pedestrians and bus drivers. You can find many types of speed humps on a map. The most common type is a prefabricated version, which is bolted into the ground. These [speed bumps](https://blog.unimattraffic-us.com/cable-ramps/) are usually bolted into place, so they are permanent. You must have permission from the landowner and your local governing body to install them, and you should consult with them about the design and placement. They are an effective traffic calming solution and a great way to reduce accident rates. And they are also an environmentally friendly option for cities.