# The Simplified Ruleset: Single Elimination This ruleset is made **up to date** as of **08/11/2018** This ruleset is subject to change prior to a new Brawl/Tournament. ## **Legal** > *Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.* ## Section 1: Tournament Administration #### 1.1 Staff The Staff will consist of one of the following: * Tournament Director * Tournament Director + Assistant Director(s) The exact setup is always published with the Brawl/Tournament Final Announcement. --- #### 1.2 Disputes The Tournament Director is the sole arbiter and court of last resort for all disputes. Their decisions are **final** and *cannot be appealed*. --- #### 1.3 Sanctions The Tournament Directors reserve the right to impose any sanction on any competitor or individual player at their sole discretion as circumstances may warrant. --- #### 1.4 Conflicts of interest Staff may participate in the tournament. Where there may be an appearance of a conflict of interest, a Tournament Director will yield to a counterpart if possible. --- #### 1.5 Official communication Official communication will take place via the [**Steam Group**](https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SirPleaseBrawl). Joining the Official [**SirPlease Discord**](https://discord.gg/cVUGH6A) is recommended. --- ## Section 2: Tournament Format #### 2.1 Single Elimination The Tournament consists out of the simplest Format, which is Single Elimination. Lose one Match and you're out. --- #### 2.2 Byes In the event that a round must be paired with an uneven number of participants, a bye will be awarded. --- #### 2.3 No-shows Any team that doesn't show up for their Match without pardon from **The Tournament Director** will be removed from the Tournament. --- #### 2.4 Deadlines Unless agreed upon by **The Tournament Director** 1 match has to be played every day. --- #### 2.5 Maps Round 1: Death Toll. Round 2: Dark Carnival. Round 3: The Parish. --- #### 2.4 Finales All finales will be played. --- ## Section 3: Registration process #### 3.1 Registration Teams may register by visiting the [**eFPS tournament site**](https://www.everythingfps.com/tournament.php?id=89) --- #### 3.2 Deadline The Deadline for registrations is set to 24 Hours before the Tournament goes live. **Currently:** December 14th, 12AM **MST** --- #### 3.3 Double registration A player may be registered for only one team in the tournament. A player who drops from a roster may not re-join with another team after the registration deadline. --- #### 3.4 Banned players Players who are banned from the [**SirPlease**](http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SirPlease) community may not play in the Tournament, neither as a registered participant nor as a ringer. --- ## Section 4: Servers #### 4.1 Acceptable servers Currently only the [**SirPlease Servers**](http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SirPlease/discussions/0/1488866180605850407/) are accepted. These Servers are scattered all over the US and have a steady spot in EU. --- #### 4.2 Home servers In case a neutral server cannot be found where both teams have fair pings, both teams need to select a Home Server to play on. --- #### 4.2.1 Home server selection Each team's home server will be a server that satisfies the above criteria and provides the best average ping for the members of their team. --- #### 4.2.2 Gamesmanship is not tolerated It is not acceptable to choose a home server on the basis that it would provide poor latency for the opposing team. Attempts at gamesmanship in server choice will be dealt with by the staff. --- ### 4.3 Exceptions In the event of a match between a Russian and European team, the match will be a single game played on the SirPlease EU Servers. --- #### 4.4 Disputes If there is a disagreement about the Servers used in home/away in regards to ping, contact the Staff. --- ## Section 5: Match schedule #### 5.1 Rounds and scheduling Pairings and brackets for each round will be posted weekly on Monday. Players are strongly encouraged to use the free on-line scheduling tool: [**Doodle**](https://doodle.com/) it is free, functional, does not require registration, and supports time zones. --- #### 5.2 Scheduling deadline Matches must be scheduled before the following Thursday at midnight. Teams are encouraged to begin negotiating the schedule early; delinquent scheduling will result in a double forfeit. Any player on the roster may perform scheduling duties. --- #### 5.3 Reporting results Results must be submitted, with a screenshot, by the following Sunday at midnight. Failure to report weekly round results before the deadline will result in a double forfeit. Under no circumstances whatsoever will extensions be granted. To report match results, view the [bracket on the efps site](https://TBD). Include a screenshot of the final scores. Results will not be accepted via email, Steam instant messenger, the Steam Community, or the l4dnation forums. --- #### 5.4 How to schedule a match A match schedule consists of three elements: * The date and time, with the time zones, when the match will begin * The number of games that will be played in the match * The server(s) on which the games will be played Each team must agree on all three points, or the match scheduling is incomplete. Competitors are strongly urged to post their complete match schedules to avoid any possibility of miscommunication or dispute about these details at match time. --- #### 5.5 Casting/Spectators/Oversight * **Casters** * By competiting in this tournament, the competitors agree that the matches may be casted. process. * Access to mumble servers for ‘war rooms’ is appreciated but not required. * **Spectators** * Aside from tournament staff and authorized casters, no spectators whatsoever will be allowed in the server during matches. * **Requests for Oversight** * Any team may request that an administrator be present at their match. The staff will honor reasonable requests to the best of their ability, weighing conflicting obligations, the significance of the match to the tournament results, and the seriousness of concerns about improper behavior that may take place. --- #### 5.6 Ringers A defining characteristic of a championship team is the capacity to field a team for a match at the agreed upon date and time. Therefore, both teams must agree to allow ringers, or ringers will not be allowed. * **Double agents** * No registered player may ring for another team unless their team has withdrawn from the tournament or that player has been removed from the roster. * **Limits on ringers** * Each team must field at least three (3) rostered players in each match, regardless of consent from the opponent. * No ringers whatsoever will be allowed in the final phase of the tournament, regardless of consent from either team. --- #### 5.7 Demos and screenshots * **Demos are mandatory** * Each participant is required to record and save demos of their match play. All demos must be stored until the end of the tournament, and must be submitted promptly to a Tournament Director on request. To record a demo, open the console and type `record <demoname>`. It is not necessary to re-record after a map change, but it is necessary to re-record after disconnecting from the server for any reason. * **Screenshots are mandatory** * Each team is allowed up to one (1) pause per round to request screenshots. * Each player must take a screenshot whenever asked by anyone in the server. * **Privacy** * Players are never required to provide demos or screenshots to anyone except the staff. Although there is no basis for an expectation of privacy, they are considered confidential and will be shared only for: * Asking second opinions of skilled players who are trusted to keep what they find in confidence * To expose wrongdoing to the community if, and only if, it is discovered * **Responsibility is with you** * It is each player’s individual responsibility to ensure that demos and screenshots are recorded, uncorrupted, and submitted in a timely manner. * Failure to submit demos or screenshots on the request of the staff will result at minimum in a zero score for the associated rounds, and possible suspension of the player from the tournament. --- #### 5.8 Exploits * **AI pathing exploits** * It is illegal to intentionally exploit AI pathing by moving to an area that causes NPC infected to stop attacking. * A typical penalty for intentionally exploiting AI pathing will be a zero score for the round. * **Tank pathing** * If an AI tank stops advancing for any reason, the survivors must be notified in a reasonable time. Intentionally positioning a tank so that it cannot advance when AI controlled is not allowed. * A typical penalty will be equivalent to full map distance and health bonus at the time of the infraction. * **Spectate command** * It is illegal to use the `!spectate` command excessively or in a way that gains an unfair advantage such as gaining your next spawn faster or avoiding damage. * If a player spectates in a way that staff judge to be abusive, a typical penalty will be a zero score for the round. * **"Stuck spots"** * It is illegal to exploit "stuck spots" by intentionally becoming stuck in a map entity. * **Death Toll bridge** * As survivor, it is illegal to cross the bridge on `c10m1_caves` without climbing a ladder. * **Hard Rain elevator** * As survivor, it is illegal to skip the elevator holdout event by jumping on common infected. * **Spawn glitches** * As infected, it is illegal to clip through a brush or other obstruction by spawning while passing through it in "ghost mode". * The minimum penalty will be a match loss by forfeit. * **Attacking from out of bounds** * As infected, it is illegal to attack the survivors in any way from out of the normal map bounds. --- #### 5.9 Glitches * Rescue vehicles * In the event of a finale rescue vehicle glitch (most common on Swamp Fever, but also possible on Dark Carnival and Hard Rain) the half will be replayed following a restart round. If necessary the final scores will be calculated manually. * Un-clearable survivors * In some extremely rare cases, a pinned survivor cannot be cleared after an infected player gains control of the tank. In that event, either team may request that the round be replayed. If requested, the tournament directors may review demos and determine if the result of the replayed round will be used, or if some other action will be taken according to the circumstances. --- ## Section 6: Local Configurations The following guidelines will assist the competitors in understanding the intentions of the Tournament Directors. However, the tournament directors may choose to impose sanctions for any modifications at their sole and arbitrary discretion (per Section 1.3). All players are strongly urged to discuss modifications with the Tournament Directors to ensure they are fully in compliance with the rules before making any changes. The best way to avoid the severe penalties associated with bending or breaking these rules is to play with a stock configuration. --- #### 6.1 Penalties The minimum penalty for illegal modifications or addons is a forfeit loss for the match. There is no maximum penalty, which may include team expulsion from the tournament, forfeiture of already played matches, and forfeiture of team eligibility for any prizes. --- ### 6.2 Permitted modifications The following modifications are PERMITTED: * **Menu** * All modifications to the Left 4 Dead 2 user interface that do not alter, nor interact with the in-game user experience nor provide additional information about the game state (e.g. ZoneMenu, menu music, menu fonts, menu shortcuts, console fonts, etc.) are allowed. * **HUDs** * Modifying or removing HUDs, crosshairs, and pain pointers is allowed. * **Gun Models** * Modifying or removing gun models and animations is allowed. * **Tank music** * Modifying or removing “tank music” including altering the volume is allowed. * **Round end music** * Modifying or removing music played at the end of the round after a wipe, saferoom door closed, or player death is allowed. * **Blue tint** * Modifying or removing the blue tint while spawning special infected in “ghost mode” is allowed. * **Orange tint** * Modifying or removing the red tint that appears while spawned as special infected or tank is allowed. * **Console variables ("cvars")** * Source engine configuration files and scripts that do not exploit “cheat” cvars and do not circumvent cvars blocked by the competitive configuration (e.g. `mat_hdr`) are allowed. * **Command-line arguments** * All command-line arguments that do not exploit nor allow the player to exploit “cheat” cvars are allowed. * **GUI options** * Any configuration setting that can be altered using the standard in-game menu options or legal console variables is allowed. * **Unused sounds** * Modifying materials and sounds that are related to weapons or items that are banned in the competitive configuration (which may include: "Tier 2" weapons, chainsaw, M60, grenades, etc) is allowed. --- ### 6.3 Forbidden modifications Aside from the above, no modifications to game files or materials, nor use of third-party software and applications that affect gameplay will be allowed, without the public, prior, and written authorization of the Tournament Director(s). This includes but IS NOT LIMITED to: * **Visual elements** * Any changes whatsoever to the stock survivor or infected models, map textures, skyboxes, props, or other materials and files used for rendering the in-game environment are forbidden. * **Audio elements** * Any changes whatsoever to game sounds are forbidden. * **Third-party hooks** * Any third-party applications, programs, or macros that read or modify memory in a method for affecting gameplay, or that provide information about the game state to the player, or that simulate mouse movement (aiming) while the game is running are forbidden. --- #### 6.4 Netcode toggling After the ready-up for the first half of each map, changing the following cvars is forbidden until both halves of the round are complete: * `cl_interp` * `cl_interp_ratio` * `cl_lagcompensation` --- ## Section 7: Unsportsmanlike conduct Each participant is expected to hold themselves to a high standard of professional and courteous conduct toward others at all times. Abusive, harassing, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated -- neither during a tournament match nor in any other venue. --- #### 7.1 Tardiness Each team has 15 minutes after the scheduled time to have 4 players in the server and readied up. The standard penalty for failure will be a forfeit loss of the match. Each team is permitted one (1) 10-minute break per match, and only between rounds. Extra breaks require the consent of both the other team, and the administrators or commentators. --- #### 7.2 Insufficient effort to win Any competitor who, in the judgment of a staff member, has not committed their full effort to winning the match is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. --- #### 7.3 Excessive pausing Repeated or lengthy use of the pause function disrupts the normal flow of the match and frustrates the expectations of the spectators and other players. Therefore, extensive pausing is unsportsmanlike conduct if it is judged by staff to be excessive, regardless of the reason. --- #### 7.4 Sound effects Players may not use console commands or radial menus to trigger sound effects that taunt, harass, annoy, or confuse other players. This includes but IS NOT LIMITED to: * Survivor laughter or coughing vocalizations * User-controlled special infected vocalizations of any kind whatsoever * Survivor death sounds, or other vocalizations associated with player state or health (such as incapacitation or being “black and white”) * Triggered vocalizations or sound effects associated with director events (such as the rescue vehicle’s arrival, etc.) --- #### 7.5 Sprays Players may not use sprays that imitate or resemble environmental objects, such as: weapons, other players, infected models, props, or any other recognizable game element. Players may not use sprays that are grotesque, violent, obscene, or depict other disturbing or offensive imagery such as pornography, racist logos, or “shock” images. --- #### 7.6 Guilt by association An entire team may be held responsible for the unsportsmanlike conduct of any team member. --- #### 7.7 Respect the server host Tournament competitors will not break server rules at any time when they are using the servers.