QuickBooks is the most trusted accounting application across the globe. The multi-facet application is a complete suite of accounting tools. Moreover, the software provides a straightforward and simple method to **[Print Form 1099 and 1096 in QuickBooks](https://www.qbcommunitypro.com/print-form-1099-and-1096-in-quickbooks/)** . These forms are used to record the non-employee remuneration to the IRS. The official name of these forms is the annual summary and transmittal report of U.S. information returns. Indeed, printing Form 1099 and 1096 in QuickBooks is simple, but for new users, it can be quite confusing. Read this blog to learn more about Forms 1099 and 1096 in QuickBooks. > Do you wish to Print 1099 and 1096 forms in QuickBooks? Dial [+1-833-460-2030](tel:+1-833-460-2030) to Know more Insights from an Expert. **How do you print Forms 1099 and 1096 in QuickBooks Desktop?** Form 1096 consists of all the details that you filled in in form 1099 at the time of submitting the tax a year ahead. Go with the below-mentioned steps to learn how to print Forms 1099 and 1096 in QuickBooks Desktop. • Make sure that before printing the form 1096 in QuickBooks Desktop, you switch to single-user mode.  • Ensure that all the details are correct in the form, and then choose the filing method.  • After that, click on the “Print 1099s” option and press the OK button.  • Further, choose the date range and press the OK button again.  • Now, choose the form and press the “Print” option.  • Press the preview option if you wish to view the form alignment. The steps that will help you in aligning the form are:  • a. Click on the file menu and press the printer setup option.  • b. Close the window from the form name list and press the align option to adjust the alignment.  • c. Lastly, press the OK button to make the changes. • Click on the print 1099 form button to perform QuickBooks Desktop 1099 and 1096 printing once you are done. > **Recommended To Read: [Proven Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working Issue](https://www.getadultnow.com/blog/proven-solutions-to-fix-quickbooks-direct-deposit-not-working-issue/)** **How do you print 1099 and 1096 forms in QuickBooks Online?** Here are the step-by-step instructions to print the 1099 and 1096 forms in QuickBooks Online if you have submitted the 11096 forms manually.  • First, checkin to your QuickBooks online account by using the admin credentials.  • Now, go to the expenses menu located on the left side and choose “vendors” from the available options.  • Thereafter, click on the “prepare 1099s in QuickBooks” button and mention the details as needed. • Now, click on the “Print and mail” option and choose form 1096.  • Review the information and choose the “Print on a 1096 form” option when everything looks fine. • You can fix the alignment and then print the form 1096 and 1099 if it(form) requires alignment. • Lastly, tap on the “Print on a form 1096” button to print the form. **To Sum Up** QuickBooks is a robust application that offers unique tools to ease various business operations. Every year, taxpayers submit different types of forms to the IRS. QuickBooks allows you to print and take a copy of various forms. Hopefully, this blog will explain how to **print Forms 1099 and 1096** in QuickBooks. In case you need further advice, you can call our experts immediately at **+1-833-460-2030**. They will be happy to assist you.