# Sushi Temperature Check v2 **Purpose:** To streamline and create a fair and transparent temperature check for the Sushi community **Goal:** Building a weighted voting system using POAPs and $SUSHI balance. **Understanding weighted voting:** Weighted voting gives each Sushi Temperature check participants, different amounts of influence or weight concerning the outcome of a Temperature Check scenario based on different elements like POAPs or # of SUSHI they hold. The "power'' of a participant in such a weighted voting system can be roughly defined as the ability of that participant to influence a decision. As our measurement of this power we will use the Banzhaf power index, which is a much more accurate measure of a participant's power than the number of votes that the participant can cast. Each individual is called a **Sushi Diner*** in each Temperature Checks. They are notated as SD~1~, SD~2~, SD~3~,..., SD~N~ where N is the total number of diners/participants. Each Diner is given a weight, which usually represents how many votes they get. Quota is the minimum weight needed for each proposal on Temperature Check to pass or approved and goto Snapshot. Our weighted voting system can be represented as: [q: sd~1~, sd~2~, sd~3~, … ,sd~n~] In this form q is the quoata and sd1 is the weight of a Sushi Diner 1, sd2 is the weight of Sushi Diner 2 etc. **Understanding the need a weighted voting system for Temperature Check** Weighted voting is a commonly-used voting method modifier that allows certain individuals more or less influence over voting outcomes. This is accomplished by assigning voters different levels of influence or "weights". The amount of influence given is typically related to the level of importance individuals hold within the Sushi community. A weighted vote stands in stark contrast to a non-weighted vote. In a non-weighted vote, all voters have the same amount of power and influence over voting outcomes. But this is not fair, always! This paper highlights on how to create a fairer voting mechanism for Temperature Check for the Sushi community, using POAPS and Sushi balance. **For a meaningful weighted voting system, we need to make sure:** 1. Limits on Quota exist. 2. The quota must be more than half the total number of votes. 3. The Quota can't be larger than total number of votes. We can create Banzhaf power index based on each critical voters(diners) to determine outcomes. This is my primary idea to determine vote numbers for each diner before the Banzhaf power index comes to play. (The numbers are just place holders) | Attended POAP events | # of votes per POAP | | -------------------- | ------------------- | | Forum Calls | 10 | | International Sushi Day | 100 | | AMA Calls | 5 | </br> </br> | # of SUSHIS | # of votes per SUSHI | | ------------ | ---------- | | Above 100 and Below 999 | 1 | | Above 1000 and Below 4999 | .8 | | Above 5000 and below 9999 | .6 | *We need to set a maximum number that can be allowed for the number of votes per address so that nobody becomes a dictator. -- We use these numbers to find a Banzhaf power index, which then contributes to the voting. I'LL' RUN SOME SCENARIOS BELOW: {to build} **NEW IDEAS:** 1. We can actually create a varying vote on POAPs relative to time. One big problem today is identifying old and active community members vs new ones who join the community just during bull runs. I think we could create a system that automatically increases the value of a POAP from a fixed number (relative to time) So someone holding a POAP from 2020 has a higher vote count. Something like this! *The name Sushi Diner is just a placeholder.